Instant Glam Blog Hop Part Two!

Here we are with a second group of designers blogging with Instant Glam!

Lisa Kettell

Lisa said in her post “I chose to use the two pieces from Instant Glam to incorporate in my popular crystal bracelets, the result, a fun and flirty bracelet with the colors of the sea to add some sun to my cold December.”

Nancy Donadson

Nancy’s finished necklace is a wire wrapping dream.  She wrote two posts about her process and when she had finalized two designs for her piece she requested some feedback.  “I could have come up with at least 10 different ideas ( I could really go off the rails with this) but since it is “glam” I thought I should keep to that theme. I narrowed it down to 2 but before I get out my drill and start the assemblage process I though I would see which one you liked”

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