KLIK Collaboration – Artist Submissions Group Eight

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Artist:  Linda Russio

Linda’s KLIK submission is delicate and light.  Her colour choices resulted in such a pleasing bezel. I often forget that the simple act of layering paper can create unique framing options.  Her first piece of paper has vintage text and then the second collage paper frames her butterfly perfectly.  The butterfly has two layers of resin glazed wings making it a 3D embellishment. The crystal  in the butterfly back is the icing on the cake.

Artist:  Carla Collier

Carla thought long and hard about what to put into her KLIK bezel snap.  She reviewed her stickers, papers, baubles and beads and then finally found a focal bead to inspire her. This turquoise cross framed by red coral beads and then a final frame of seed beads is just gorgeous.  I have never seen anything similar and it is the only submission featuring beads in this way.  I laughed when she noted that one whole hank of beads ended up in her carpet when she was working on this piece. Cat companions always have issues with seed beads!  Carla glued all her beads in place and then very slowly and cautiously added her resin.  Since she did not completely cover everything, her turquoise and coral look natural and truly Indian inspired.  Well done Carla!

This next submission would received my award for best shipping idea!  Monica Cormier packed her small bezel safely into a bottle cap.

Artist:  Monica Cormier

It is truly amazing to see what artists did in the small snaps.  Monica used acrylic paint, glass beads and sand from her favorite beach in Florida for her submission.  She noted “this has become a memory piece, of a wonderful trip and beach.”  I think this is a wonderful example of what embedding inclusions and in resin can be.  A wonderful and permanent keepsake.  I feel like Monica captured one small moment of time.

Artist Laurel Stevens

Laurel’s whimsical submission is a personal favorite due to its showcasing of a unicorn. However, her background and unicorn base really deserves most of the attention. I have no idea how she created the brightly hued and metallic background.  The rainbow of colour is idyllic for a unicorn scene.  I also am very drawn to the black, glittery ground her charm is walking on.  This submission would stand out no matter where I placed it.  I think I will need to pair it with two small KLIK snaps featuring only bright colours.

Artist:  Nancy Donaldson

Having featured Nancy’s work in several posts on this blog, this submission will not surprise any of her followers.  Nancy loves wire working and so her bezel has been transformed into a completely new and exciting size and shape.   Our Jewelry Clay is holding her tiny glass beads and bee in place.

Happily, she shared her technique for adding such an exotic wire and bead frame.  Here is how it was possible to attach all this wiring.  Once she completely the frame, she filled the KLIK snap with Jewelry Clay giving it even more strength.

I observed Nancy making the holes in her bezel snap.  She used a battery powered dermal-the holes were easy to drill.

Nancy’s submission also included some over-the-top soutache frames that will be featured on the Dazzle-it Blog.

Here is a peek at those fiber frames!

Another exciting group of KLIK submissions!


About the KLIK Collaboration

Over 50 artists were the first to receive the new Snap Bezel designed by Metal Complex. They received either the small or large bezel to work in.  These “blank” snap bezels “klik” into place when combined with the other jewelry-making components in the new KLIK collection.  You can see the entire line in the catalog on the Metal Complex website linked here.

The full introduction to the collaboration is posted here.

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