KLIK Collaboration – Artist Submissions Group Ten

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Artist:  Kat Hultgren

Kat titled her KLIK submission “dark side of the moon.”  I wanted you to see all the beads she embellished the moon surface with first.  It already looks spectacular.

However, when I give you this side view I am certain that you will let out a little sigh of joy. Kat built a gorgeous half sphere of clay and even used it to apply a new lip to edge her bezel in rhinestone.  This is a unique submission that illustrates that clay and height can result in an amazing new creation.

Artist:  Joelle Platz

Joelle’s submission made me happy because she won the last Nunn Design giveaway.  I knew she would be inspired to continue working with resin.  She used Jewelry Clay to “slightly overfill” the KLIK bezel.  She embedded a vintage watch face into the clay and attached her propeller with a head pin so it would still spin.  Genius!!  The words “time flies” were cut from an old reference book, so their colouring is authentic.  A Pearl-ex dusting coloured the exposed clay.  Her final embellishment was to attach a little wiring so her bird could dangle.

Artist:  Kate Ledum

Kate’s submission is titled “Nebula.”

Now hold on before you scroll down to see the side view.

Kate used EasyCast, Jewelry Clay, Vintaj patina inks, gold mica, silver paper with holograph stars and black shimmery mica to create this.

Now look at Kate’s piece!  I pulled it out of the envelope and immediately went back to her note to see how this was even possible.  She noted that her inspiration is a memory of the Horsehead nebula.

She even generously shared how she made this.  Would you believe she made her molded nebula in a “cheap paint pallet?”  It fit right into the bezel.  In her note Kate wondered if I liked it.  No Kate, I don’t like it.  I LOVE IT!!

Artist:  Deb Fortin

Deb’s KLIK submission is difficult to photograph because of all the tiny glitter.  I just love the background paper she used because the pastel colour palette is just perfect for Autumn.  I could easily mix and match this piece.  The arrow on the paper is highlighted with an actual metal arrow held in place with a crystal.  She did two pours, so if you held this in your hand the glitter appears to be suspended.

 Artist:  Karen Ouellette

Seeing Karen’s KLIK submission this way will certainly show off her brilliant imagery and crystal embellishing with resin.

Seeing Karen’s submission from the side, tells you a completely different story.

Her KLIK bezel has been embedded into another bezel with a layer of Jewelry ClayThe tiered effect is incredible.  She has dusted her clay with mica making it shimmer.  Her ballerina is covered in resin making it appear as though glass has been cut to cover the surface.  There is so much to see.  The crystal frame was a labour of love.  I am so proud to have this in our KLIK collection.

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About the KLIK Collaboration

Over 50 artists were the first to receive the new Snap Bezel designed by Metal Complex. They received either the small or large bezel to work in.  These “blank” snap bezels “klik” into place when combined with the other jewelry-making components in the new KLIK collection.  You can see the entire line in the catalog on the Metal Complex website linked here.

The full introduction to the collaboration is posted here.

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