KLIK Collaboration – Artist Submissions Group Three

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Artist:  Lisa Menou

The colour palette in Lisa’s KLIK bezel is one I love; green and purple.  The Octopus appears to be floating on the surface of this glittery water background made with glitters and tiny sequins.  There are even a few Swarovski crystals embedded.  As if that wasn’t enough, the underside of the octopus glows in the dark!  Lisa, will have to write in and tell us how she made that happen!

Artist:  Lisa M Pace

I am always so pleased when well-known author Lisa participates in one of my collaborations.  This bezel features a wonderful way to display a HUGE pearl.  She embedded it into clay which was coloured with a light gold powder.  The rhinestone edging is so high because of the clay base.

Here is a side view of Lisa’s KLIK snap bezel.  I imagine a few of us will be rifling through our broken jewels to see if we can find something similar to embed in clay next.

Artist:  Alison Boyd

Alison sent in her submission with the simple title of “Sunset with wire flower.”  I thought that immediately when I unpacked her submission. Her coppery metallic patina is just gorgeous and creates a bezel that is one-of-a-kind.  You would be hard pressed to try and make a copy.  The little wire flower is a delicate and elegant addition.

About the KLIK Collaboration

Over 50 artists were the first to receive the new Snap Bezel designed by Metal Complex. They received either the small or large bezel to work in.  These “blank” snap bezels “klik” into place when combined with the other jewelry-making components in the new KLIK collection.  You can see the entire line in the catalog on the Metal Complex website linked here.

The full introduction to the collaboration is posted here.

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