Lovely Knots at Toronto Creativ Festival

This is the class sample for last week’s Creativ Festival workshop designed and taught by Fernando DaSilva featuring Lovely Knots.  I did promise a better photo of the necklace the students made…and it is just wonderful!

Fernando flew to Toronto for this special event and taught three different classes.  The Lovely Knots class was an intermediate level workshop and allowed Fernando to see how students handled chinese knotting when they had a copy of his book:  Lovely Knots – An Introduction to Chinese knotting.

Based on these smiles and finished pieces, this class was indeed a success!

It is so great to see work in progress.

Fernando’s class kit was a generous one.

These knots were well done!

Fernando also demonstrated Chinese Knotting in the Swarovski Elements show booth.  We have a whole new group of followers now!


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