Metal Complex Blanks, Jewelry Resin and Kumihimo!

This necklace features a pendant made by John Bead’s very own Daniel John.

While on a recent trip to a UK craft show, Daniel had an opportunity to walk the show and in one booth he did an experiment with embossing powders on a Metal Complex leaf blank.  We both thought it turned out really well.  However, embossing powders would not last very long on a necklace if it came into contact with other embellishments.

To keep the design on the blank permanently I glazed the surface with Jewelry Resin.  One application of Jewelry resin is like 50 coats of varnish.  This design is permanent now!

I am returning the pendant to Daniel today.  I can’t return it on it’s own though.  It needs to be on a necklace.  Naturally, a kumihimo necklace is my first choice!  I used gold and black rattail on the circle disk.

The new kumihimo findings make finishing this necklace so easy!

3 thoughts on “Metal Complex Blanks, Jewelry Resin and Kumihimo!”

  1. Hi Carmi !
    I love the ideas & tips you share ! I sell JB products at my store and you make it so much easier !
    Can you tell me how you glazed the embossed leaf ? Pouring ? Brushing ?
    Thanks !!

  2. To glaze the leaf I brushed on the resin just like I would if I was brushing on a varnish or sealer. I use very inexpensive brushes to do this because once you use a brush with resin, it can’t be cleaned….because it will be rock hard in a few hours too. I try and glaze a couple of things in one sitting.

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