New Bezel Bracelets!

Ah ha!  There are additions to the Metal Complex Bezel line!

These hand crafted link bracelets are available in five metallic colours.  For my post I chose to work with Antique Copper.

The links are nice and deep so I knew I could embed anything I wanted into them.  I have been wanting to use these big pearl earrings for some time now.  I gathered them and the rest of my supplies and made this bracelet in under 30 minutes.

You may be wondering where I got so many pearl earrings…and why I wasn’t wearing them. For those of you who shop in person at John Bead you may have seen the grab bags that were available for a while.  I bought quite a few and enjoyed sorting them for my own stash.

My first step was to fill the bezel links with black Apoxie Sculpt.  (If you have not seen all the posts I did about this product you really should check out all the Apoxie Sculpt Posts.)

Apoxie Sculpt is available in many colours.  I love the black for a base.

I pressed my pearls and Preciosa Chatons into the black clay and voila.  Done. Apoxie Sculpt cures rock hard in 24 hours.

Now, my bracelet might be a little over the top.  Imagine what you could do with your own components! Better yet, get your jewelery box open and pull out all those single earrings and re-use them!

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