New Resin Fashion Embellishments – You are Going To Love These!


We are adding more fashion embellishments to our Carnival and Performing Arts section!

While all of these new items will look wonderful on a costume, crafty designers will also think of new and exciting ways to showcase these resin components in jewelry and clothing design.

This is your sneak peek at items arriving in our warehouse.  (We are just photographing them for our website but wanted you to see them now.)


Introducing our new plastic Trim:  Stellina

These are sold on 5 yard/4.5 meters spools.These are absolutely stunning in person!  The color palette includes: Crystal AB, Red AB, Royal Blue AB, Pink AB, Turquoise AB, Aqua AB, Purple AB, Emerald AB, Marigold AB, Lime Green AB, Sun AB, Citrine AB. 4

Introducing our new resin sew-ons:  Gummy!


These are available in a spike, drop and navette shape in several sizes.6

This new collection has a surface shape unlike anything we have shown before.  They capture and reflect light brilliantly.7

Your color options will be Citrine, Crystal, Emerald,  Lime Green, Marigold, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Sun and Turquoise.


Introducing our new resin sew-ons:  Metalico Stones.  

These are available in a rivoli, drop and oval shape in several sizes.


These new resin stones feature a distinct faceted surface.  Your color options are Citrine, Crystal, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sun and Turquoise.

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