Nylon Mesh Tubing And Czech Fire Polished Beads

One last example of how you can use nylon mesh!

I started this project after noticing that the beautiful turquoise/copper beads I brought home from my last trip to John Bead looked very pretty next to my aqua mesh.  I didn’t want to place them inside the mesh tube…I wanted to showcase them so I decided to try sewing them to the outside.

I selected a smaller matching strand of ivory lustered beads and enjoyed just sewing beads randomly to the mesh. To sew my beads I selected 100% silk thread.

At one point I stopped to see where I needed extra beads and that’s when I decided to add a pendant too.  The mesh can take the weight!

Mesh is something I am really happy to have experimented with!  The more I work with it the more ideas I have.  Time permitting, I could have sewed beads to every square inch of the mesh.  But for now, I am happy with the necklace as is.

Turquoise Fire Polished Czech Beads

Ivory Lustered Beads

Dazzle-It Ivory Silk Bead Thread (size FF)

Nylon Mesh

(Bird Pendant – From Carmi’s stash)


Check out these other great ideas and Inspirations using Nylon Mesh !

Use the Nylon mesh to create interesting shapes and forms, here seed beads have been put into the tubing and then firepolish beads are stitched on the outside to create the folds – Designer Adela Kodonova

Below a brooch has been created , with pearls and seed beads inside the tubing. This would also be a fun idea for a headband.  Designer – Adela Kodonova

Below another beautiful brooch design, mixing stringing wire and adding flatbacks to the outside of the mesh and a beautiful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Rivoli button in the center. Designer – Thanh Tran


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