PRECIOSA Ripple™ In a Necklace Design

PRECIOSA Ripple™ by Aleksandra Lysenko

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a new pressed bead known as PRECIOSA Ripple™ under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

Today we will show you how fabulous this bead looks in necklace designs.

The circular bead with a 12 mm diameter has a centrally located hole and an undulating surface on both sides. The identical profile of both sides of the bead enable its 100% use during the application of a series of ten new types of combined, dual color vacuum decorations called California. The undulating surface of the bead causes a ripple to pass through the metallic decoration in both the shiny and matt finish. The centrally located hole predestines this bead to be used in combination with seed beads or fire polished beads during stringing or embroidery.

PRECIOSA Ripple™ – Ivona Šuchmannová


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