Quilled Fish Leather Flower Rings


Yesterday I mentioned that my quilled fish leather rings were featured in the spring issue of Perles et cetera magazine.  Here is the English translation.

My quilled leather flowers are the result of my little pile of fish leather leftovers. Fish leather is an exciting new surface for jewelry designers.  It is a groundbreaking and sustainable material perfect for jewelry design.  It is made from 100% Tilapia fish. When you purchase a piece of fish leather it is about the size of a fish.  Each piece is unique and hand dyed.  It is available in either suede or glossy leather. So, I really did not want to waste a single inch of it.

There are several paper quilling techniques that I used to make my flowers.  I cut leather strips with a scalloped edge.


I cut plain strips of leather.

I also cut some strips with a fringe.

All I did was roll these strips into tight circles.  The fringed edges look wonderful and they reminded me of flowers.


Glue holds the rolled edge in place.8

I them simply added some glue to my bezel ring and set my arrangement in place.


I also glued in a few extra glass beads and wire in some of my samples.  I think the leather looks gorgeous on its own…but it never hurts to add in a little extra glitter.



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