Repurposed Jewels and Ultra Suede Cuffs

I am always happy when I manage to turn something broken or unused into something new.  These two cuffs are a perfect example of what re-purposing is all about.  I am turning the new John Bead ultra suede strips into cuffs which feature broken jewelry parts.

We all have one.  That drawer or box filled with broken jewelry or mismatched earrings.  You can’t throw them away because you know that one day you’ll do something with them. That day is here!

The blue cuff features a long forgotten earring.  One crystal was lost.  I glued it with Quick Grip to my ultra suede.

Note I used this earring to replace the missing crystal!

I have learned that is is a good idea to let the glue dry on a curved surface.  This way the jewelry you attach will conform to the shape of the finished cuff.

I do like this bracelet a lot!

However, who doesn’t like black suede and rhinestones?  I sewed this broken rhinestone bracelet to the cuff to hold it in place securely.

All I had to do was pin this old brooch in place and I was done!

I used the kumihimo findings kit for my closures!  It could not be easier to create a wearable bracelet in a short period of time.  You’ll spend more time looking through your old jewels then you will making a new cuff.

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