Shamballa Bracelets

It seems as though everyone is sporting a knotted bracelet these days.  The “shamballa bracelet” is the reference I have been seeing in fashion articles.  I found in my research that shamballa can be spelled differently and for some people has a symbolic or religious meaning.  For others, the bracelet is a series of Chinese or macrame knots with no symbolism.

Google the word shamballa.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.  Sample after sample!

So, by looking at online imagery I decided to see if I could make a bracelet too!

All you need is some cord/string and some interesting beads.  AND…you need to know how to do a square knot.  I just learned how to make that knot yesterday!

My first bracelet features a longer series of knots and three rhinestone beads.

These RHINESTONE BEADs are available in many different sizes and colours.


I happened to have LEATHER GENUINE CORD in my stash so I opted to use this as my stringing material.

Since I only used three beads in my first bracelet I decided to make a second bracelet with the remaining seven beads.  I REALLY love how this looks!  Shamballa is a trend right now…why not make or teach someone to make a bracelet soon!

Take a peak at all the rhinestone components in the John Bead catalog.

Here is a link to a online video showing a square knot:

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