Shell Flower Pendant

I have seen quite a few flowers made of shells in various magazines.  They look very pretty on a necklace.

John Bead has strands of natural shell chips.

I tried wire wrapping the chips into a floral shape..…but I wasn’t that happy with how it looked.

That is when I got my idea.  Why use wire when I can use clay?  I made a small ball of white Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Then I built my flower,  I added some pointed back crystals and cut away some of the excess clay.  Apoxie Sculpt dries rock solid without a kiln.  All I had to do was leave my piece on a non-stick surface for a day.  I even inserted a wire so it could be easily strung later.

Now I have a great pendant to use with my next shell beading project!

The full strand of chips will allow me to make dozens of flowers if I want to!

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