Show Room Bracelet from Adela Kodonova

Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.

What Adela had to say about the GREEN CURLY BRACELET which is one of her favorites:

“When you are in rush in the morning, just put this masterpiece on quickly. No clasp – no problems, LOVE elastic bracelets!

I used hundreds of Preciosa machine cut beads combined with many meters of Soft-Flex wire to make my bracelet. This bracelet was also featured in a special exhibition at the Canadian Embassy in Prague.”

How Adela managed to weave her way through this bracelet is a wonderful testament to designer ingenuity!

We have a wonderful Soft Flex collection of wire to choose from.

To inspire you even more, here is a set of earrings featuring Adela’s special wire and crystal combination technique.

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