Beads and Bears Oh My!

Patricia McCourt has designed several unique pieces of jewelry for John Bead.  As the designer of the Cali bead, we have had the opportunity to share some of her projects with you throughout 2017.  She has also created four Cali bead project PDFs that we shared with our customers.

This necklace (above)  is special to us.  We rarely have the opportunity to share some of the components at John Bead that are staples for First Nations designers.  This is a wonderful example of using traditional components in brand new designs.

Patty was born in Colombia and moved to England in 1985 along with her husband, Bill and has since lived in Jordan, Indonesia and Ecuador. She has 2 lovely girls, Katerina and Stephanie.

Patty’s beading career started after successfully finishing her Diploma in 3D Design, Custom jewellery and her City and Guilds Teaching Certificate and her patience and enthusiasm for beading knowledge  have made her workshops very popular in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, including many branches of the Women’s Institute.

You can read more about Patty on her website.

Acrylic Imitation Bear Tooth.  Available in two sizes.
Seedbead 12/0    Strung Opaque   Dark Red
Seedbeads / Rocailles
Claw Toggle

The Cali Bead Spring Garden!


The flowers in this banner were created by Lena Gillespie.  Lena is one of the first designers to be given the Cali bead to experiment with.  Clearly, she was able to incorporate the bead into many new unique designs.  If you are feeling inspired by our spring garden, we are pleased to let you know we have attached a fantastic floral earring project PDF for you to try yourself.   It should send you down your own flower making garden path!



Cali Bead Twisted Rope Free Project PDF


Cali is being launched exclusively by John Bead – one of the biggest manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of Czech glass beads in the world. In their 63rd year, they begin 2017 with this exciting bead project.

Cali Bead

You’ll be pleased to learn we have this gorgeous necklace available as a step by step.

Cali Bead – Free Project PDF

By Patty McCourt

This is our second post sharing a project you can make yourself with the latest bead available to the beading market – The Cali Bead!

John Bead is thrilled to introduce a new shaped bead to the DIY industry. British/Colombian designer Patty McCourt designed this new bead.  Mrs. McCourt is considered a seed bead designer extraordinaire and named her bead after her hometown.

Cali® is a 3-hole bead made of Czech glass measuring 3×8 mm. It is available in over 50 colors and special effects. This new bead will showcase seed beads spectacularly, which are the staple of designer pieces that illustrate bead-weaving techniques.

Cali® is curved on both sides boasting a double convex surface, which gives the consumer the ability to use it as a spacer or as structural pillar. The creative beader will construct complex shapes, making the possibilities endless.

Create this trendy bracelet with a supple texture using the new 3-hole Cali® beads.


The PDF for the NIGHTFALL BRACELET Instructions is linked here.

Cali (1)