Carrier Beads, Polymer Clay Fruit and Resin

This whimsical and fruity bracelet was achieved by adding polymer clay fruit slices to carrier beads.

Carrier beads have been trending in the beading world for some time as designers continue to showcase them covered in seed beads.


This necklace is a perfect example of what you can do with the beads.  (see link to purchase the pattern by clicking above image)

I really like the beads as they are.  I have been referring to them as “chicklets” a type of gum I like.  I decided to slice some polymer clay resin canes really thin so I could decorate a few of the beads.

I glued my slices to one side of 9 beads.  A day or two later I decided to just fill in a few of the open areas with crystals.

My bracelet now has some plain carrier beads and some fruity designs.  I think it is always nice to personalize a design with a few unusual components.