Global Chic – New Hook Clasp

This gorgeous new bracelet by Fernando DaSilva features a little bit of everything in our new Global Chic collection.  You are seeing Tapestry Cord, Channel Beads with personalized thread and fish leather centres, Sliders and a unique new finding we call a Hook clasp.  Fernando said:

“I selected this style of hook because once a loop is formed on the opposite end of a cord it hooks without a second component. On top of that, it is perfect for mens jewelry, a segment that lacks neutral components.”




The sliders and hooks are available in gold and rhodium.


We’d like to show you how it works.

The first step is to thread some tapestry cord through the single hole.  Fold the tapestry cord and cut it at a spot you think it looks best.  An inch or slightly longer looks super.


I placed a little Quick Grip glue on the cord before I slid my slider in place to give it a little more security.  It is always good to wipe away excess glue at this point.



I also added a tiny bit of glue to the tapestry cord that was cut so it does not fray.6


To create the second side we folded the tapestry cord by itself and repeated the steps to attach the slider.  This loop will be used on the opposite side of the hook so use your fingers to make it a little flatter at the end.  Make sure you test the sizing before adding your glue.

Here is what both sides should look like.8

We let the glue set for a few hours.

Global Chic

Then we cut the extra Tapestry cord away and added a little more glue here to stop any fraying.


The second side now slides right into the open half of the hook.

Most glues perform best if they are left to thoroughly dry over night.  Masking tape will help to shape your bracelet during the dry time.

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New Metal Complex Circle and Square Hook Clasps

This is just one of the new hook style clasps in the Metal Complex collection.  Each new clasp is available in gold, silver and gunmetal.  This is the square set.

This is how they work.  They slide into each other through the narrow opening.

This is the second set which is also available in silver and gunmetal.  This is the circle set.

Here is a necklace Fernando designed using the new circle hook clasp set.  These are ideal for kumihimo braid projects.


Dazzle-it Magnetic Clasps

I love everything shown in this picture of Fernando DaSilva’s newest necklace.

This is Fernando’s way of introducing you to some of our new findings.

The new magnetic clasp range is wonderful and I have started a new category on the sidebar of the blog called “Magnetic” so you can see all our posts about it!

These glue-in clasps give you such a crisp and professional finish.

He also used:

Our new Silver and Gold  end caps.

The knotted leather cord and Fernando’s hand made Lovely Knots tassels are a wonderful salute to the 2013 colour of the year; Emerald Green.

Last, my favorite feature is how Fernando incorporated these heart shaped pewter end caps into the cord design.