Hot Pink Faux Suede Lacing

This simple but elegant bracelet features our Dazzle-it hot pink faux suede lacing and a knot.  Nancy Donaldson created this bracelet when I challenged her to use the lace and one of the knots featured in our Lovely Knots bookletThis is a looser version of the double coin knot Fernando DaSilva showcased in the booklet.

Nancy glued all the suede lace ends into one end cap clasp set.

We have so many wonderful magnetic clasps to choose from in our Dazzle-it catalog.

Nancy never wastes anything.  Faced with some left-over cut pieces, she smartly choose to wire wrap her ends into earrings.

Hot pink faux suede lace!

Our Lovely Knots booklet.

Kumihimo Jewelry

This kumihimo necklace and bracelet was created with a combination of stringing materials.

I used our classic kumihimo rattail, our Lovely Knots cord and some home dec embellished strands normally used for pillow making.

You can create a kumihimo braid with so many unusual fibers.

If you make a long enough braid you can make sets of jewelry.

These unique hook and eye end caps make finishing your edges super quick.  Just glue in your kumihimo braid and wear!

The end caps are also available in gold and gunmetal.

My Instant Glam Tuscany bezel by Fernando DaSilva is now beautifully showcased on this “designed to match” kumihimo braid.

Glue In Clasps

Your kumihimo projects are about to become more beautiful.

The new Dazzle-it magnetic ball clasps are a fantastic new way to finish your kumihimo braids.

For my sample I gathered white, pink and yellow rattail and my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk.

When my braid was the length I needed I simply glued my new end cap style clasps in place.

These clasps making finishing a braid quick, easy and elegant.

Kumihimo Glamour Belt By Fernando DaSilva

What a pleasure it is for me to post this sample today.  I am going to use a word I have never typed on this blog before:  BELT!

Leave it to Fernando DaSilva to create a belt that would steal the thunder of any outfit you wore it with.

He combined so many of the techniques I love.  Kumihimo braids make the main body of belt and their ends are beautifully finished in one of our new end caps.  The double oval link chain looks gorgeous with the addition of glass beads cascading like grapes on the vine.  I am inspired to make a kumihimo braid that I can use for a belt too!

What Fernando Used

New silver smooth kumihimo end cap.

Dazzle-it Metallic Silver Ori Crystal Donuts available in 6 x 8 nor 8 x 10

Fire Polished Diamond Shaped

Oval Parallel Chain

And finally, a combination of 2mm and 3mm Green Dazzle-it Rattail.

Dazzle-it Magnetic Clasps

I love everything shown in this picture of Fernando DaSilva’s newest necklace.

This is Fernando’s way of introducing you to some of our new findings.

The new magnetic clasp range is wonderful and I have started a new category on the sidebar of the blog called “Magnetic” so you can see all our posts about it!

These glue-in clasps give you such a crisp and professional finish.

He also used:

Our new Silver and Gold  end caps.

The knotted leather cord and Fernando’s hand made Lovely Knots tassels are a wonderful salute to the 2013 colour of the year; Emerald Green.

Last, my favorite feature is how Fernando incorporated these heart shaped pewter end caps into the cord design.