Owl Be There!

I could not resist a fun title for this post.  My friend Nancy Donaldson twists wire like it was a pen on paper.  She has so much fun with our aluminum wire that I always think I can make something similar…and quickly discover I am not a wire worker at all.

The combination of both our 12 and 18 ga aluminum wire brings this owl to life.

Aluminum wire is inexpensive and available in so many colours.  You don’t have to get too stressed if you are simply experimenting with design ideas.

I wanted my owl to have a little extra colour.  I added a copper end cap to this gorgeous Dazzle-it feather.

These end caps make everything an instant dangle.

My last step was to select some beads to showcase my new owl pendant.

These mixed 4mm Czech Fire Polished bead strands were the perfect accent.

Dazzle-it Fire Polished Green Beads

Earlier this week on the John Bead blog I had a post explaining how I added crystals to these wood pendants.

The little green sea horse had me searching for something special to bead it with.

I used one strand of CZECH fire polished 4mm TR. LT. GREEN VITRAIL.

I combined my first strand with a second CZECH fire polished 8mm TR. GREEN.


Fire Polished Bead Mix Ring

Recently I saw a very pretty beaded ring and realized that I had my own supplies to make something similar.

This fire polished black themed crystal bead strand was ideal for my idea.  I had been waiting to use it in a bracelet, but with some thin wire and a Dazzle-it finger ring I was able to complete my project in under an hour.

The strand has a mix of 4/6/8 mm beads.

The ring has ten places to weave wire through.

The finished ring is so pretty!

Fire Polished Beads and Metal Complex Bezel

This necklace reflects light and changes colour as it moves.

I received this “grab bag” of Fire Polished Glass Beads from John Bead a few weeks ago and was looking for a good opportunity to show them off.

There are so many unique shapes in the bag.

I filled a Metal Complex Bezel  with some tiles, rhinestones and a brass charm.  I then encased it all in Jewelry Resin to create this beautiful glass-like component.  The bezels in this collection which feature a lip look especially beautiful.

I hope you like this finished necklace as much as I do!

John Bead has Jewelry Resin in stock!