Freshwater Pearls and Neon Pink Glass Beads

I am thrilled to share you this latest designer necklace from our Creative Director; Fernando DaSilva.  He designed it to showcase the freshwater pearls in the Dazzle-it catalog.

I am sure this will give you some of your own ideas for showcasing pearls and beads into a signature necklace.

Fernando has a special way of combining sizes and shapes.  There is so much detail in this necklace.


I could not agree more with this sentiment.  Fernando did not stop with just the necklace.

He created two possible earring matches.  This chandelier style set is lovely.

The drop set is classic.  I would have a very hard time choosing one set over the other.


Our Freshwater Pearl collection is wonderful and provides designers with so many different options for shapes.

There are also several unique colours to choose from.

We released a wonderful new collection of “Neon Round” beads this year.

Dazzle-it Ori glass round Pink Opal strands are available in three sizes; 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.

For The Love of Pearls!

From Harpers Bazaar:  What do Cleopatra, the Virgin Mary, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, Louise Brooks, Josephine Baker, Coco Chanel, Nancy Mitford, Holly Golightly, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Dr Frank-N-Furter, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Margaret Thatcher have in common? As parlour games go, it’s a good one. That said all were girls in pearls.

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