How To Save Over $1000 Euros!

This bracelet is the perfect showcase for the new Ori Crystals.  They just sparkle and I love the donut shape!

It was inspired by this Sidney Evan bracelet I recently viewed.  His bracelet features gemstones and a diamond encrusted gold elephant.  His bracelet costs over $1200 Euros….and I did notice it is strung on elastic!

So I thought why not make one myself…..for under $20 dollars!  Believe it or not in my stash I discovered three elephants.  I often buy old jewelry and break it up for the interesting components.

I pulled out some crystal flat backs and used our new Quick Grip glue to apply them to my plain elephant.

Once again, I have to say that the Quick Grip worked perfectly!

All I had left to do was string my teal ori crystals onto elastic with the elephant and I was done!

Ori Crystal Necklace

Ori Crystals are going to make your projects so affordable!

My Ori Crystal necklace has a pendant I made using another crystal option!

This is just one of several machine cut crystals that you can order from John Bead.  It already has a pre-drilled hole, so it is super simple to string.

I simply found an image I loved (postcard) and glued it to the flat crystal drop back.

The crystals I strung include:  Ori Crystal Donut – Silver Metallic 10×14

Ori Crystal Donut – Jet 10x14mm and I also used some smaller Jet round rich cut 10mm to complete my necklace.  The hook and loop clasp is pewter.

You’ll love the entire Ori Crystal range!

I hope you have an opportunity to work with these new crystals soon!