Dagger Cuff by Anna Elizabeth Draeger for Instant Glam™ by Fernando

There was a gorgeous bracelet in our ad featuring Instant Glam™ by Fernando bezels and Crystal Rock appliques.  Now I can provide you with the instructions from the designer, Anna Draeger!

Bracelet Instructions

1. Glue the Crystal Rocks element into the Quatro finding. Allow the glue to dry.

2. Place the finding in the center of the strip of grey Ultrasuede. Stitch the finding to the Ultrasuede using WildFire and a beading needle: Tie a knot at the end of a 12-in. piece of thread, and then thread the needle on the other end. Sew up through the Ultrasuede, and then sew through a loop on the finding. Sew down through the Ultrasuede close to the spot where you just sewed up through it. Repeat several times to secure the loop to the Ultrasuede, tie a knot, and trim the thread. Repeat on the other three loops in the finding. Wrap the Ultrasuede around your wrist and trim it to fit, leaving about 1-in. for the clasp.

3. Tie a knot on the end of a 12-in. piece of thread, and sew up through the Ultrasuede so the thread exits the center point on one side of the finding. Pick up a 10/0 seed bead, and a repeating pattern of a dagger and three 10/0s three times. Pick up a dagger and two 10/0s. Following the curve of the finding, sew down through the Ultrasuede right next to the edge of the Ultrasuede. Sew right back up through the Ultrasuede, and sew back through all the beads just picked up. Sew down through the Ultrasuede, tie a knot, and trim the thread.

4. Repeat as in step 3, but pick up six daggers with three 10/0 seed beads in between them. Move about 1/4in. from where you sewed up through the Ultrasuede for the first row of daggers, and stitch the new row of daggers in place. 

5. Repeat as in step 3 for the next three rows, picking up seven daggers with three 10/0 seed beads between them. Move 1/4 in. from the previous row each time. 

6. Using a new 12-in. piece of thread, tie a knot, and sew up through the Ultrasuede near one edge at the end of the bracelet. Pick up three 10/0s, and sew through the end loop of the 5-strand clasp. Pick up three 10/0s, move the needle about 1/8 in. away from where you exited the Ultrasuede, and sew down through it to. Repeat to secure the other four loops to the end edge of the Ultrasuede, tie a knot, and trim the thread.   

7. Repeat steps 4-6 on the unfinished side of the finding, making the daggers curve in the opposite direction of the daggers on the other side, by working towards the other edge of the bracelet.

8. Line the inside of the bracelet with the dark blue Ultrasuede, cutting it to the correct length. Tack the dark blue Ultrasuede to the grey by stitching along the edges of the two colors. Lining the bracelet with the second color adds a design element as well as hiding any threads or knots that might be visible from stitching the beads and clasp in place. 

Material List for Anna’s Instant Glam Peacock Cuff

One  69mm Gunmetal Instant Glam by Fernando Quatro Bezel Tuscany Collection by Metal Complex® 

One 44.5mm Instant Glam by Fernando Crystal Rocks Quatro Bermuda Blue Crystal by Metal Complex® – Tuscany Collection 

Sixty17x7mm Czech Glass Peacock Dagger Black Azuro by Dazzle-It!® 

Two hundred Czech 10/0 Metallic Gunmetal Seed Beads by Dazzle-It!® 

One  Gunmetal 5 strand tube clasp by Dazzle-It! ®

One 3.8 x 23.5cm Ultra Suede Grey Cuff Bracelet Strip by Metal Complex® 

One 1-3.8 x 23.5cm Ultra Suede Navy Blue Cuff Bracelet Strip by Metal Complex® 

One Beading Needle #10 by Dazzle-It!® 

WildFire thermally bonded black bead weaving thread by Beadalon®

Instant Glam and Vintage Parisian Paper

Earlier this week I posted a necklace featuring two rectangle Instant Glam by Fernando bezels.  I absolutely love the size and shape of these bezels and wanted to share with you a second project I just finished.

In the spring I purchased this vintage 1928 paper sampler in Paris.  I knew I would use if for special projects…so I didn’t worry about the price tag…..

I had already poured and allowed a layer of Jewelry Resin to cure in my bezel when I decided to add a few more gold lines and some sequins.  I poured a second doming layer of Jewelry Resin over this second layer of markings.

I was very happy with the bezel after the second pour cured.

My bezel colours were unusual so I decided to create a kumihimo braid to showcase it.  My stringing material included black rat tail, black leather cord and some metallic craft cord.

I used the attachments on the back of the bezel to hang my rectangle.

I finished it with a short chain so that it would be a choker.

This is my favorite bezel!

Jewelry Resin is easy to use.  It comes with instructions and mixing materials.

The Emmys Collection Featuring Instant Glam

Last month we had the pleasure of showing you dozens of photos we took when John Bead and a select group of companies participated in the Gift Lounge at the Emmys with the Craft and Hobby Association.  We were part of a special group who hosted crafty make-n-takes for the celebrities.  Our booth in the lounge featured special new jewelry designed by Fernando DaSilva.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be going to Hollywood to be part of an event that directly connects our chic craft world with the fabulous show business industry. John Bead is an innovative company that helps creative individuals express themselves through our jewelry making components. I can’t wait to ‘dazzle’ the celebrities with our Instant Glam™ and fashion forward products,” said Fernando DaSilva, Product Development and Creative Manager.

Fernando allowed me to take pictures of some of the new pieces to share with you!

Our Instant Glam bezel collection could not be better showcased!

Each piece Fernando created was one of a kind.

Some of these necklaces feature products we’ll be able to share with you in a few weeks.

Now that October is almost over, holiday celebrations are on the horizon.

These amazing necklaces should have you planning to create your own glamourous projects.

Thank you for letting me study these Fernando!  I’ll be returning them to the show room ASAP!

Instant Glam – Never Too Young

This is the adorable Isabella Cramp from the TV series “The Neighbors.”  She won over Fernando DaSilva when she stopped by our booth at The Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge last weekend.

Things began as they always did.  Isabella selected an Instant Glam Bezel and applique and while she made her pendant, Fernando started pulling out choices for her necklace.  Note that Isabella was very attracted to the very large Swarovski crystals that we had placed on the table for decoration.  She started making a tiny pile of them……

She loved the quattro bezel and chose the silver shade crystal rock applique.

When her bezel was done she was certain her necklace needed something extra.  She drew Fernando’s attention to her pile of crystals.

She was the only celebrity to get Fernando to come out from behind the booth so he could add a half dozen extra crystals to her necklace!  Notice how she is determined to get the necklace she really wants!  She is our favorite Instant Glam diva!

Instant Glam Bezel, Wire and Jewelry Resin

Today’s necklace is a collaboration between myself and Nancy Donaldson.  Nancy is my “go-to” person when it comes to wire wrapping.  She just twists and turns wire and before you know it she has framed my pieces beautifully.  It really is a skill.  She taught a class at John Bead in the fall of 2012.

This Instant Glam bezel really doesn’t need embellishing.  You can see how Fernando Dasilva (Instant Glam Designer)  incorporated extra detailing on the edges.  We were really “gilding the lilly” with this new pendant ideaAnd really, can there ever be too much embellishment?

My job was to work inside the bezel.  I added this vintage postcard image, paint and rhinestone chain I purchased in the John Bead outlet.  When all my components were glued in place and dry I added in Jewelry Resin which created my glass like finish.

This really is glamorous!  When you start with a beautiful bezel, it really is hard to go wrong.  I felt like a princess wearing it yesterday and confess that I enjoyed all the compliments it received!

Instant Glam – Instant Success!

We are back from the Craft and Hobby show and Fernando DaSilva, the Instant Glam designer answered this question more than once.

“How did you get all your crystals into the bezel so perfectly?”

Here is one of the Instant Glam Bezels.

This is the designed to match crystal applique!

It is one pre-glued piece.  Now you can see why we say these pendants are “Instant.”

Instant Glam – Tuscan Windows Necklace

I have been working in a new Instant Glam bezel.

I found this image of “Tuscan Windows” and thought they would look beautiful showcased in a rectangle bezel.  When you pour resin over paper, you need to do some work ahead of time.  I sealed the paper image with three different applications of a decoupage medium and let it dry clear.  Then I poured in Jewelry Resin.

The colours in the window scene are bright and colorful.  I had this special yarn in my personal collection and I was hoping to add it to a necklace.  This was my chance!

I set up my kumihimo disk with some of the yarn and some classic rattail for strength.

My braid was just what I was hoping for!

I finished my braids with silver endcaps.

I also added two different gunmetal chains to complete my necklace.