Instant Glam Bead Embroidery


When our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva popped into a local beading store he met a designer wearing the most interesting necklace.  You can imagine how wonderful it would be for the designer of the hand crafted bezel to meet a beader who found a truly inspired way to work with in it.  Fernando designed all the Instant Glam bezels and they are perhaps the most interesting ones on the market for designers.


The beading designer is Peggy Thompson.  At first glace you might think all of these beads and crystals were glued into place.  Instead Peggy is sewing them to leather prior to inserting them into the bezel.

Peggy said  “The Instant Glam bezels are my most favourite bezels to use with my bead embroidery.  The bezel has a beautiful finish which adds to my design. The depth of the bezel is perfect for this technique.  In 2015 I found myself recovering at home from a long illness, this started my bead embroidery journey. Having no pattern to follow allowed me to spend many hours auditioning my Swarovski crystals to create my one of a kind jewelry.


Each bezel is truly a one of a kind.  We appreciate peggy sharing her work with us.

Instant Glam Tuscany

Peggy worked in the Tuscan drop bezel which is available in gunmetal and silver.  If you would like to see how other designers have used these special bezels we have a link here to a blog hop featuring Instant Glam.

If you are interested purchasing a finished peice or learning more about how to make one in a workshop Peggy can be reached by email:  [email protected]

Instant Statement Necklace


Instant Statement Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead.  This necklace is easy to create if you enjoy simple twisting techniques and hand stitching.


Polyester Pipe was one of the newest stringing materials to be introduced by John Bead as part of their Tropical Punch collection.  There are many color options to choose from.  For this project I used Aqua/Royal Blue and Navy/Burgundy.

The fabulous crystal filled bezels you see featured are created with Instant Glam components.  The Blue Crystal Rock applique paired beautifully with the blues in the polyester Pipe.


In order to get my necklace shaped, I used masking tape to help me keep both polyester pipe strands side by side.


Strategic hand stitching on the back side of my piece ensured that the curves would stay in place.


I even added a tiny bit of glue to my thread knot for extra security.


The Instant Glam bezels already have three soldered links on the back.  I used a needle and thread to join the bezels components to the polyester pipe using those links.


I was almost done.  I could not decide if a third bezel was needed.


After showing my work in progress to our Creative Director; Fernando Dasilva it was pointed out that perhaps another loop was needed.  So I added these three loops by simply gluing end caps to some of my leftover polyester pipe pieces and attached them with a jumpring.


I think the bezels are now balanced and the asymmetrical look I was envisioning has been achieved.

Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace

The “Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace” is featured in the winter issue of Perles et Cetera magazine as a four page step by step project.  This is the english translation.

Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead

If you have ever studied more than one painting of the Elizabeth the 1st, you would have to take note of the many pearls that she wore throughout her hair, clothing and on her personal items.  She literally had hundreds of pearls on her person.  She was a Queen known for her love of clothing and it is documented that she had over 2000 gowns created.

Pearls were widely available in Elizabethan times and I am certain Queen Elizabeth kept the pearl collecting and stringing industries busy.  If a queen wears pearls, so will all the members of her court along with anyone wanting to appear well dressed in her company.

Elizabeth’s designers would have used real pearls.  Seeing so many draped in row upon row of strands reminds me that many of the current statement necklaces have been inspired by jewelry designs over 200 years old.  Imagine if Elizabeth would have had access to the new glass and coloured pearls?  Would she have incorporated the neons, pastels or other colour palettes into her clothing?  I believe she would have.  She had many unusual and one of a kind dresses made.  These would have been assembled and worn for one-time only special events.  Surely a bright yellow pearl necklace would have been desired?

I decided to create a necklace for her featuring Dazzle-it Vintage Pink glass pearls.   Glass being much more affordable, I knew I could design a necklace with many draped strands without fear of going over budget.  I also created my own resin filled bezel pendant featuring Elizabeth the 1st as a focal point for my necklace.

My necklace features pearls, rhinestone beads and a resin filled bezel I designed featuring a portrait to Queen Elizabeth 1st.


A google search of Queen Elizabeth shows us many paintings and portraits along with some portraits of her mother Anne Boleyn.  This painting enlarged here is a favorite and features so many pearls.

I printed and cut out a copy of the painting and placed it into my bezel.  I covered the image with resin.

When my bezel was ready I gathered all my supplies for this project.  The vintage pink pearls look so wonderful gathered in a group.  I worked with three sizes of pearls along with three sizes of rhinestone beads.

The back of my Instant Glam bezel has two attachments.  I strung my pearls through these opening.

It took some time to string all my different strands.  I used a beading board to help me choose where to place the rhinestone beads.

With five strands to link, I was careful to use a thicker jump ring to attach my pearls to my clasps.

This is a simple stringing project, but the pearls and beads create a stunning result.  I am quite certain I will feel like royalty when I wear my necklace!


Instant Glam™ by Fernando Under Diane’s Wings

Diane Whiting, designer extraordinaire and former Create-Your-Style ambassador, releases a DIY jewelry making book packed with 25 inspirational projects.

Among all the beauty, Diane re-interpreted the function of one of my components from my Instant Glam™ by Fernando collection onto a magnetic and interchangeable focal element. 

Diane choose  the diamond shape bezel and crystal rocks to channel her design vision based on the functionality of the component itself.

It is fantastic to realize that a product line launched 2 years ago is still inspiring creative minds, and Diane for sure brings an unique approach through her design.  Instant Glam by Fernando was exclusively manufactured by John Bead Corporation for our house brand, Metal Complex.

This collection is still available and can be acquired in US through DreamTIme Creations, and in Canada through BeadFX.

Thanks, Diane.

Your piece has strong art deco elements and your avant-garde way of seeing it definitely makes a difference on how I myself interpret this collection.

With love,

Fernando DaSilva for John Bead Corporation & Metal Complex

New Dazzle-it Fancy Chain and Faux Suede Tassels

I just love everything that Fernando DaSilva used to create this new necklace!  I hope it inspires you as much as it does me.  Now I really want to start adding our new Dazzle-it  faux suede tassels to my design projects!  Here is what Fernando used to create this necklace.

The new silver leaf fancy chain.  I see Fernando combined two strands to make the one thick chain.

A closer look.

SWAROVSKI Crystal Rock applique for the Instant Glam Quatro bezel – Silvershade

Instant Glam Tuscany Quatro Bezel – Gunmetal

Black faux suede tassel with silver cap.

The complete Dazzle-it tassel collection is just wonderful.  Think of all the colour options!

Instant Glam Blog Hop Part Two!

Here we are with a second group of designers blogging with Instant Glam!

Lisa Kettell

Lisa said in her post “I chose to use the two pieces from Instant Glam to incorporate in my popular crystal bracelets, the result, a fun and flirty bracelet with the colors of the sea to add some sun to my cold December.”

Nancy Donadson

Nancy’s finished necklace is a wire wrapping dream.  She wrote two posts about her process and when she had finalized two designs for her piece she requested some feedback.  “I could have come up with at least 10 different ideas ( I could really go off the rails with this) but since it is “glam” I thought I should keep to that theme. I narrowed it down to 2 but before I get out my drill and start the assemblage process I though I would see which one you liked”

Instant Glam Blog Hop!

It is truly amazing what happens when you send the same items to a group of different designers.  For John Bead’s first blog hop I sent an Instant Glam bezel and matching Swarovski crystal rock applique to the artisans featured in this post.  I gave them the option to use both items or only one.  Here are some of the fabulous results.

This is group one of two.

Barbe Saint John

This necklace was created by Barbe Saint John.  Here is a little of what you will read in her blog post:  “I fell in love with this bezel when I opened the envelope. My creativity went into overdrive with different ways to incorporate resin and clay.    I decided I wanted to show how EASY it would be for anyone to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry. All you need are a bezel, matching crystal rock shape, accent piece, chain and E6000.”

Diane Cook

This piece is called Loves Hope.  Diane said:  “I love a good challenge. It truly always pushes me into a direction I would not take otherwise.”  Her blog post tells you more about her inspiration and the steps she took to create this necklace.

 Erin Prais-Hintz

“Remember this December, that love is worth more than gold.”  That is the quote and the sentiment behind the ornament designed by Erin Prais-Hintz“My husband and I have a tradition where we gift each other with one ornament in our stockings each Christmas. We don’t buy each other gifts so this is our way to do something special for each other.”

Margot Potter

Margot created the Copacabana Necklace Set“When I was invited to celebrate a brand new line of simply chic components designed by my fellow Swarovski Ambassador Fernando DaSilva I leaped at the opportunity. These bezels are stylish blank canvases you can fill with the pre-cut Crystal Rocks shapes or opt to iron the shapes on a porous surface and put something else in the bezel. And that is precisely what I did, because I like to color outside of the lines.”

Cyndi Lavin

Cyndi surprised her self with this tree ornament.  Her blog post walks you through her ideas.  In her words: “Instant Glam bezels are large and in charge! No joke.  These bezels, created by Fernando DaSilva and Metal Complex, will make your head spin with the possibilities.”

Suze Weinberg

Suze Weinberg outdid herself with this amazing finished necklace.  She did some amazing work in the bezel which she describes in her blog post“I’m not sure Carmi expected us to go to these lengths but I can never help myself !!!”