Japanese Porcelain and Soutache


It is always exciting to see what designers can create with vintage items.  Nancy Donaldson was given some of the Japanese Porcelain beads we have on sale this month and as you can see she combined them beautifully with soutache cords.

Japanese Porcelain Japanese Porcelain

The floral embellishment is wonderful and the gold highlights add an extra level of embellishment.


The large cabochons are spectacular framed in color.


We only have a small collection of these left.  They can never be restocked.


Cotton Wax Cord Macrame Jewelry

This latest set of jewelry by Nancy Donaldson celebrates the old skill of macrame and the new cotton wax cords now available to knot with.

Nancy used traditional knots and featured Ladhaki beads between sections.

These special beads are ideal for working with thicker cords.

The colors in the bead inspired Nancy to also use small red wood beads as accents throughout her jewelry.

To finish her ends Nancy applied a little bit of tape to the ends and then placed them into an endcap.

These end caps revolve so the toggle sets are easier to use.

The finished ends make these pieces look even prettier.

The necklace features two unique cords.

The bracelet is lightweight and easy to wear.

We have great colors at great prices!


Soutache Collars for KLIK Bezel Snaps

I wanted to share with you a brand new idea.  Soutache collars!  They are very special because they have been creatively designed by Nancy Donaldson to work with new Metal Complex bezel snaps.

Here is the first collar placed on the KLIK bezel.  The simple yellow Dazzle-it resin stone looks amazing framed like this.

Without Nancy’s collars, these would be simple and elegant components.

This looks absolutely stunning now!

Currently Resin Crafts Blog and Metal Complex blog are featuring the work of 50+ artists who are each working in a unique snap bezel component designed by Metal Complex for their KLIK components line.    Take a peek here.