The Newfangled Neo Chain Blog Hop

new·fan·gled – different from what one is used to; objectionably new.

It goes without saying that there are many different types of chain to choose from for stringing and sewing projects.  Dazzle-it NEO is our new collection of chain and findings featuring classic colors with a new age twist.  The vivid colors are quite eye-catching and make a great accent to your jewelry designs. We sent a set of Neo Chain and findings to 12 different designers to see what they would create with it.  The results are showcased here in this extra special blog hop post!

Vicki O’Dell – The Creative Goddess

Vicki could not have been more pleased to receive purple Neo Chain in her blog hop kit.  You will find a wonderful how-to blog with instructions explaining how she made this amazing necklace.  Vicki posted “I really like the Neo Chain. I found that the color does not flake off even when I cut the chain. And I also like the way it’s cut so that the metal underneath the color shines and sparkles. It just adds a little something extra to my jewelry piece.”

Suze Weinberg – Leap…and the net will appear.

Suze’s blog post is so full of inspiration that selecting just three images really will not do justice to her contribution to the blog hop.  Wait till you see all the matching earrings she made.  Clearly, she loved Neo Chain. Suze wrote “I used the black and gold chain to make my absolute favorite….one I know I won’t be able to part with it because it hangs so perfectly….!!”

Suzann Sladcik Wilson – Beadphoria

Suzann’s Caribbean blue bracelet is a showstopper.  As a published author, she has a wonderful way of writing and included a fantastic set of instructions on how to make this bracelet.  Suzann added “Designing the “Caribbean Blue” bracelet, I was inspired by the recent trend in fashion of color blocking. Color blocking is when you see designs featuring black and white with a strong pop of a single color. The Neo chain and findings really lend themselves to designing this way.”

Lisa M Pace – It’s In The Details

Lisa wrote “for this fun blog hop I was sent the black and white chain and find­ings to use to cre­ate whatever items I wanted. I decided on cre­at­ing a match­ing neck­lace, bracelet and ear­ring set.”  Her set is a wonderful example of how Neo chain can both embellish and stand-alone for jewelry design work.  You can read and see more of Lisa’s work in her third book “Delight In The Art of Collage.”

Tammy Powley – The Crafty Princess Diaries

Tammy actually created two sets of jewelry for the blog hop.  I chose to share this set because it features a pendant her husband made for their book The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making: More than 700 Large Format Color Photos.  Tammy wrote “Because the chain is just so neat all by itself, I cut a 21 inch piece of chain, added jump rings and a clasp, and now you can wear it wrapped around your wrist three times as a triple strand bracelet, or of course, you can wear it as a 21 inch necklace.”

Ann Butler Designs – Creativity Stirs the Soul

Ann’s tiered necklace showcases domino art she created with her new line of rubber stamps “Faux Quilting” 2″ Leaves all Over from Unity Stamp Company.  She made two different necklaces and her blog has a wonderful how-to for this project. Ann wrote “I was honored to be asked to be part of this blog hop with so many wonderful creative friends and as a BONUS when the product came I was beyond excited…..Dazzle-it Neo Chain glitters because the cut in the actual chain exposes the brass beneath for an unexpected sparkle which is  beautiful!”

Lisa Fulmer – Lisa Liza Lou

Lisa’s Neo Chain bracelet is just the sample I needed to show you how gorgeous Neo chain looks all on its own.  Ideally you have several colours to play with! Lisa wrote “I looped matching pink and blue jump rings through each set of chains, then put them together on white jump rings and added a clasp. Quick, easy and beautiful!”

Amy Bowerman Stucki – Plucking Daisies

You’ll love Amy’s blog post if you are look for quick and easy ideas!  She wrote “I’m an easy-peasy jewelry making type of girl and these ten minute Neo Chain Star Earrings can be whipped up for a night on the town in the time it takes you to put on your makeup!”  You’ll find a wonderful how-to on the blog with great step out photos.

Roberta Birnbaum – DecorablesArt

Roberta gorgeous finished necklaces showcase Neo chain in two ways; as an accent to other stringing materials like kumihimo and as a stand-alone chain in her tiered purple necklace.  Her blog post also features matching earrings.  Roberta added “I find that the chain actually feels very soft on the skin, and when the light catches the colours it can be quite spectacular!”

Charlotte Gordon – Atmosphere and Symphony

Charlotte explains her blog hop entries best. “For my project, I worked with the black and gold Neo-Chain which was both exciting and a challenge for me. I could think of a lot of cool ideas to incorporate the black and gold chain in some edgy and trendy design inspirations, but in the end, a case of spring fever steered me in a more feminine and romantic direction. I had a small handful of pink and gold beads that worked perfectly with the Neo Chain.”

Kristi Parker Van Doren – Kristi’s Creative Cafe

Kristi’s Neo chain wrapped key should give you a few ideas about other items that you might consider embellishing.  Kristi wrote about the Neo Chain she received  “I didn’t want to just use it as a chain so I incorporated the chain into the design. I had two different sizes of chain so used the larger gauge for the chain and the smaller gauge for the design.”

June Beach – Beach Haus Designs

It should not surprise you that a Swarovski Ambassador would add crystals to her Neo Chain designs.  June’s necklaces just sparkle! Her post reads “I got a lovely package from Carmi to create a few pieces from and here they are……Course, leave it to “sparkle” girl to add some of my custom pendants that I made from various Swarovski Elements to complete the pieces!”

You can see the entire Neo Chain collection here.

Other Neo chain projects previously posted on this blog are linked here.

Neo Chain Black Draped Necklace

My special Neo Chain posts are so difficult to photograph.  This picture does not even begin to do justice to this necklace Nancy Donaldson fashioned with the Neo Chain collection.

Neo Chain is available in two sizes; 5×3 mm and 3.5×2 mm.  Nancy also used the chain to wrap the Fire and Ice oval dyed black bead.

The Neo chain is so unique.  The cut in the chain is what makes it glitter.

To finish her necklace Nancy also used Neo Chain findings including jump rings and a lobster clasp.


New Neo Findings Sets

We have some fabulous packages of finding to match our new Neo chain collection.  The sets are available in two sizes as we have a 9.5 lobster clasp and a 12.5.

NEO is our new collection of chain and findings featuring classic colors with a new age twist!  The vivid colors are quite eye-catching and make a great accent to your jewelry designs. Mix these colors together for an extravagant look or simply add the together with black or white beads to pop the individual colors. The possibilities are endless!