Sponge Coral and Ori Crystal!

Summer is almost here!  Images from the beach and hot spot destinations come to mind and coral is a wonderful way to capture the feeling of water, vacation and summer.

John Bead has a fabulous collection of coral.  For this necklace I started with a strand of hexagon shaped sponge coral.

Ori-Crystals are new and exclusive to the Dazzle-It line of glass beads.  They are highly faceted to beautifully reflect beams of light.  Ori Crystals feature rich, vibrant tones in transparent crystal hues as well as memorizing AB coatings and metallics.  They are available in jewel tones and birthstone colours.  They are also available in donut cut as well as round rich cut.

I had a very hard time deciding which Ori Crystals to pair up with my coral.

One Facebook poll later and I settled on Dark Topaz Luster.

This necklace is ready to wear with the addition of these fancy heart toggle sets.