Klik Vintage Image Necklace – Perles et Cetera Cover Necklace



My “Vintage Imagery Statement Necklace” with Metal Complex DIY klik© Interchangeable Jewelry Components is on the cover of this month’s Perles et Cetera Magazine.  This gorgeous magazine is published in French, so here is an English translation.


The DIY jewelry making audience continues to grow and allowing new jewelry makers the opportunity to combine finished jewelry components with pieces they can design themselves is what the new Metal Complex klik© product line is designed to do.  You can easily design and complete a project in minutes or hours.  The choice is yours by incorporating finished components with items you create yourself.

Unique statement necklaces are still a very popular trend this fall.  Creating pieces that are changeable will keep your jewelry options fresh and allow you to mix and match with your wardrobe. You can wear bright colours or crystals or both!  You can personalize your pieces with beads, buttons, tiny components, miniatures, photos and even other jewelry by gluing these pieces into blank snap bases.

The necklace I have designed features unique resin filled bezel snaps that I can mix and match with the finished snaps in the klik© interchangeable jewelry line.  The options are limitless!  Once you design your own klik© one-of-a kind snaps it is easy to then add them to a finished klik© necklace, earring, key chains, cuffs, bracelets and more.


My necklace begins with some vintage magazines from France.  The September 1907 Paris issue of “Le Rire” had a gorgeous illustration of two women sitting in a park.  I scanned that image and shrunk it to size in Photoshop.


You can see from my picture of my computer screen that I sized circle images that would fit into my blank snap bezels.


I printed my images and cut them.


I glued my ladies into place and then sealed the paper imagery with several layers of a clear drying decoupage medium.  I also glued-in some rhinestone chain.


Since the snaps do not lie flat, I set up some cardboard spacers on my workbench.  Now I can pour resin into the snaps.Resin is easy to mix and pour.  Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you will have gorgeous finished pieces like these.


I selected these finished components from the Metal Complex klik© product range. I love that I can simply change the components by adding or subtracting sections. The earrings are the perfect addition to my finished necklace design.  Now I have dozens of options to play with.


I used jump rings to join my necklace components.  Flat nose pliers are the only tools I needed for this step.


By selecting a chain that was made from links I could easily shorten or lengthen my necklace.


Now I can use all my personalized snap bezels in the necklace or mix and match with the earrings option.

Supplies and Tools

Personalized Snap Blanks

Metal Complex Klik – Large Snap Base with Bezel #75190122-00
Metal Complex Klik – Small Snap Base w/Bezel #75190103-00
John Bead Corp – Rhinestone chain #95801055

Finished Snaps from Metal Complex KLIK

Metal Complex Klik – Small Interchangable Snaps Set of 3 – A Touch of Sparkle #75190150-02
Metal Complex Klik – Small Interchangable Snaps Set of 3 – A Touch of Glitz #75190150-06
Metal Complex Klik – Small Interchangable Snaps Set of 3 – Floral Delight #75190150-01

Necklace and Earring Components

Metal Complex Klik – Small Earrings Silver with Fish Hooks #75190030-00
Metal Complex Klik – Combo Pendant Silver with 2 Small & 1 Large Spaces #75190057-00
Metal Complex Klik – Small Pendant Silver with 3 spaces (two needed) #75190056-00

Chain Components

John Bead Corp Antique Silver Oval Cable Chain # 74202116-04
John Bead Outlet Magnetic Closure
John Bead Corp Jump Rings


John Bead Comfort Grip flat nose pliers #74524882
Jewelry Resin from John Bead Corp #88819013

Pastel Statement Necklace for Perles et Cetera Magazine


By Carmi Cimicata for Dazzle-it and John Bead Corp.

Pastels have gone mainstream.  No longer just for summer, pastel wools, fibers and winter fabrics mean that you can wear these lovely colours throughout the year.  They were represented throughout the fall ready to wear collections.


The current issue of Perles et Cetera just hit the magazine stands.  As the magazine is a french publication, I am providing the english translation of the project here.  The necklace tutorial features our Dazzle-it Pastella beads.

This pastel statement necklace could be the fastest one you will ever make!  The focal piece is a sequined beaded applique that you would find in any store supplying products for costume designers.  These appliques are normally sewn onto fabric.

The back of an applique is not meant to be seen.  I glue felt to the reverse when I use the applique as a jewelry component.


Now my piece is lined and it will feel soft if it comes into contact with skin.

I strung my Pastella beads into four different strands.  EZ crimps make it very easy to finish these strands making them instantly attachable.

I hand-sewed a soldered jump ring to both sides of the applique.


I cut some Dazzle-it fancy chain to match the length of my bead strands.  The Pastella beads looked great alone, but the silver leaf chain added extra sparkle.  Then I joined the chain and beads to the applique with a jump ring.

I used another jump ring to attach each set of beads and chain to the magnetic clasp.

The necklace is ready to wear!

Products Used 

Dazzle-it Starlight Blue Pastella Beads 4mm

Dazzle-it Starlight Blue Pastella Beads 6mm

Dazzle-it Fancy Chain Leaves 3x9mm Silver

John Bead Outlet – Sequined Beaded Blue Applique

Dazzle-it Tiger Tail Wire

Soldered Jump Rings 8mm

John Bead Outlet – Magnetic Crystal Clasp

Beadalon EZ Crimp 3.5mm Ring

Silver Jump Rings 6mm

White craft felt


To cut my fancy chain:

Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers  4.5inch Side Cutter

To open and close jump rings:

Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers 5.5inch Flat Nose

Bead Design Board

Lovely Knots in Perles et cetera Magazine

In the latest issue of Perles et cetera we have a wonderful six page article on Lovely Knots.  The magazine did an amazing job designing the layout for this special how to!  This magazine is in French, so I have provided you with the English translation and a closer look at some of my photos.

Lovely Knots – Learning The Ancient Art of Chinese Knotting

By Carmi Cimicata for Perles et cetera

This spring, Fernando DaSilva’s latest written work was published by John Bead.  Lovely Knots – An Introduction to Chinese Knotting is a super way to be exposed to a craft that has risen in popularity.  Now that Fernando has reviewed the basic knots and added his own vision and flair to it you will be inspired to incorporate these special knots into jewelry making projects.   I know that I was excited about the possibilities and the booklet is filled with fabulous finished pieces.

However, like all new techniques, you need to practice before you can complete a finished piece.   This booklet made me feel like Fernando was sitting by my side instructing me in person.  The step-by-step photos walked me to through each and every twist I needed in order to make the “Infinity Bracelet” which features a special knot made with eight strands of Chinese knotting cord.

Chinese knotting requires some basic supplies.  Ideally you have Lovely Knots cord, which is a twisted nylon, designed to hold the shape of complex and simple knots.  A corkboard and some pins are very helpful and depending on how you finish your cords some basic jewelry making pliers and findings are an asset.

My first attempt was almost perfect.  It seemed as though I was talking directly with the author.  Fernando is a jewelry designer, published author, TV personality, a Swarovski ambassador and the product and creative manager for John Bead Corporation.  It occurred to me that he would be seeing my finished sample and I wanted him to be impressed!  Fernando wrote, “I have had fun researching each unique knot and finding ways to incorporate them into stylish, trendy and fashionable jewelry designs.  The possibilities are endless and I am sure you can do it!  Remember, practice is the key, so grab some cord and let’s get started…”

I did have fun!  When my knot lined up and all my cords were exactly where Fernando showed me they needed to be I was thrilled!

I added a section of leather on the end pieces before gluing on my crimps and toggle set.  Fernando explained how a little tape on the edges before you add your crimp makes this step a breeze.  I followed the advice in the book to use a nylon jaw plier to close my crimp so I would not scratch it.

The bracelet was perfect but I also found a little vintage button that made it even prettier.  The button is simply held in place with a pin, so I can switch buttons or wear it without embellishment.

Having completed my project, I learned that Fernando was making a special bracelet to submit to Perles et Cetera as well!  Knowing that his work would be glamorous and ideal for party going made me think outside of the box.  Fernando had already taught me how to make the bracelet, now how could I add a little spin to it?

This is when I decided to replace one of the cords in the bracelet with rhinestone chain.  Thank goodness I had already practiced the knot!  This was a little harder to control.  I also had a new issue.  How would I be able to finish my cut cord and rhinestone edges?  They would no longer fit into the classic crimp like I used with the first bracelet.

Happily, John Bead had also released a new line of end caps.  This unique gold set had a very wide mouth and I was able to insert everything in a way that would hold the knot beautifully.  Then I added a classic toggle set for the closure.  Fernando won’t be seeing this version of my Infinity Bracelet until this issue is published and I can’t wait to see what he thinks.  Learning from a true jewelry-making artist was a pleasure and I plan to make quite a few new pieces inspired by Lovely Knots.

Material Used

Lovely Knots Booklet Published by John Bead for Dazzle-it!

Dazzle-it Lovely Knots Cords  2mm(different colours)

Dazzle-it Finding Kits (toggle clasp, crimps)

Rhinestone Chain (I cut up a rhinestone necklace)

Quick Grip Glue

Flat Nose Plier

Pointed scissors

Nylon Jaw Pliers



Special Gold End caps (John Bead)


Summer Bright Kumihimo and Ori Crystal Interchangeable Necklaces for Perles et Cetera



These necklaces are going to make my summer bright!


I designed them for the spring issue of Perles et cetera.


My original idea for a summer necklace was to create something lightweight and bright. I wanted something unusual to pair with all the neon colours being showcased in the fashion world.


Last year while in Paris, I noted the use of neon in so many different displays and product groupings.  I fell in love with the hot pinks and yellows.  I can’t wait to add some neon to my own wardrobe!


To begin my summer jewelry collection I started by creating some kumihimo braids on my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk.  Hot pink looked fabulous.


I also had a spool of bright Dazzle-it rainbow rat tail.  I thought I would see what a kumihimo braid would look like using this multicolour spool.


I combined it with some gold rattail and created a very unique braid.


Now, I was torn between the rainbow colour braid and the hot pink braid so I made a new decision. Why not make several interchangeable necklaces?


Dazzle-it has ten neon Ori crystal colours in its collection.  I chose three two tone colours; pink/white, green/yellow and orange/yellow.


I made each necklace interchangeable by adding two clasps to each side of the necklace. I have the option of wearing it with the kumihimo braid showing or the crystals.  I can also interchange all the braids and crystal strands.


If I am feeling daring, I can wear all the necklaces at once!

9 11 DSC00404

Products Used

Dazzle-it Kumihimo Disk

Gold Kumihimo Findings Kit

Dazzle-it Rattail

Dazzle-it Ori Crystal Neon Beads

Fabulous Feathers Cuff in Perles et cetera

I was so happy to see my cuff in the latest issue of Perles et cetera!

This magazine has wonderful how-to photos and instructions and they did a brilliant job photographing my final piece.  Thank you to Debbie Croft for all her guidance!

The cuffs in the Metal Complex catalogue are so much fun to embellish!