Trinity bracelet made of PRECIOSA Hill™, PRECIOSA Pellet™ and PRECIOSA Solo™ beads


Try this tutorial and make an impressive bracelet, in which the new PRECIOSA Hill™ bead takes the lead role and is successfully supported by the PRECIOSA Pellet™ and PRECIOSA Solo™ pressed beads.


The PDF step by step for this project is linked here.  Or you can watch it on YouTube.

PRECIOSA Pellet™ & Thorn™ Bracelet Of Thorns

The PRECIOSA Pellet™ & Thorn™ collection at John Bead has had a line extension of 15 more colours.

This summer I had the opportunity to study these two sample bracelets which are in our showroom.

The combination of  PRECIOSA Pellet™ & Thorn™ beads makes this bracelet design so pleasing.

The title most used is “bracelet of thorns.”

The bracelet looks complex but as you can see is a simple wire project.

The colour combinations are endless.