In Contrast Project Featuring New Etched Pip Beads and Terra Intensive Beads

New project from Preciosa linked here.

Earrings with PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt Seed Beads

Try out the PRECIOSA Engraved Pip Pressed Beads in combination with distinctive seed beads in the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt color finish. You can choose from 11 bright colors on the seed beads. The combination of the smooth brilliance of the beads and the matt colors of the seed beads provides a highly interesting look!

Make these earrings in contrasting colors according to our tutorial; they are sure to be a winner!

Designer Helena Chmelíková

My PRECIOSA Beads – The 2021 CONTEST


The fourth theme of this year’s competition for the months of September and October is floral.   This time, we will focus on the happy and juicy colour shades of PRECIOSA Terra Intensive.
The PRECIOSA Terra Intensive collection involves surface finishes in 11 shades on chalk ranging from clear yellow to chocolate brown. These colors are made using ecologically friendly water-based pigments (not synthetic colors) and could react adversely when subjected to aggressive acids which could be found in some chemicals, the alcohol in hand sanitizers but mainly in human perspiration which is unavoidable.
And what will we make with these seed beads? The fourth project “Echo of Summer Blossoms” in the competition will be a flower (designed by Natalia Skodova) that you can once again incorporate into your own unique design. Choose from the 11 intensive colors on sale from our partners and get to work!  The project PDF is here:  Echo-of-summer-blossoms
Try making the Echo of Summer Blossom and then incorporate it into your own design.  The contest is now open and finished designs need to be sent to Preciosa by October 20, 2021.
Preserve the fleeting beauty of summer flowers so that they never wilt. Their charm will beguile you over and over in the form of flowers made from PRECIOSA Rocailles in intensive colors. Use your imagination and combine different colored flowers according to your own ideas. You can use them to make happy earrings or an entire costume jewelry set. You can also use the flowers as decorations in your home.

Designer:  Natálie Škodová

How to enter the competition?

Make your own magnificent colorful design that includes a component made according to a PRECIOSA tutorial. Every amateur and professional designer gives a piece of themselves to each of their projects and this makes them original designs. You can therefore add any other beads and seed beads from our range to the basic project.

Win a pack of beads and seed beads!

Preciosa  will give prizes for designs made using seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand with an emphasis on the quality of the workmanship. A further condition is flawless photographic documentation and the expansion of a basic component from a PRECIOSA tutorial into your own original piece of bead art.

Your reward will be 3 main prizes issued every two months. Three winners will receive a package full of a surprise range of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™, including our latest products.  What’s more, we will also give prizes for every design that meets the conditions, because we really want to make everybody happy. We will announce the winners in the last week of every even-numbered month.

Where should you send your designs?

Send the photographs of your designs to Preciosa via Facebook at by uploading them into the comments section of the Contest 2021 album and share your photographs on social networks with the hashtag #mypreciosabeads.

Insert the PRECIOSA logo in PNG format into a photo of your design.


We look forward to seeing how you play with our seed beads!


1) Create the basic element according to the PRECIOSA tutorial.
2) Use PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ seed beads in the stated colors.
3) Incorporate the basic element from the PRECIOSA tutorial into your own piece of original jewelry using other beads/seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.
4) Upload a high quality photograph with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ logo to in the commentary to the Contest 2021 album.
5) Share the photograph of your design on social networks under the hashtag #mypreciosabeads.


Beaded Rosettes and Badges Project Patterns and PDF

Beaded Rosettes and Badges Project Patterns and PDF is linked here.
If you found our blog after seeing our most recent advertisement WELCOME!  The links to the project PDF to make the Rosettes and Badges are right here on this page.  We also have links to the John Bead products used for each of the products.
John Bead is a wholesale company supplying stores, designers, retail chains and more.  If you would like to see if you qualify to be a wholesale customer just follow this link.
Beaded Rosette – Style One
John Bead Czech Beads, Goodfelt and tools used linked here.
Beaded Rosette – Style Two
John Bead Czech Beads, Goodfelt and tools used linked here.
Bead Embroidered Necklace
John Bead Czech Beads, Recipe Box, Goodfelt and tools used are linked here.
Goodfelt Beading Foundation is linked here.
John Bead Czech Seed Beads are linked here.
Beaded Rosettes and Badges Project Patterns and PDF is linked here.
To see all our project PDFs and other step by steps we have a Facebook group you can join!

Terra Intensive Beads Pendant

When I first saw the new Terra Intensive beads from Preciosa I remarked that the beads were little tiny jewels.  They look absolutely beautiful by themselves.

Lena Gillespie was one of the first designers to work with the beads and this memory wire bracelet she designed featured a pretty dangle with matching beads.

I decided to make some straight dangles also.  Using one 10/0 bead as a stopper on my head pin, I added the bigger beads to my head pin in single colours.  I counted the beads so I could create a cascading effect.

I used a longer head pin and cut them shorter as needed.  I also set up my stringing wire and added one EZ Crip to keep my project together.

I could not decide if I wanted a bead spacer or not.  I tried them strung first with the Terra Intensive rose beads as spacers.

It looked pretty, but it did not give me the finished look I wanted.

So I restrung them like this.  A second EZ Crimp finished the stringing wire end.

Now I had a pendant really showcasing the colors of the Terra Intensive bead collection.


Terra Intensive Bead Collection is here.

Ez Crips are here

Beadalon Stringing Wire is here.

Head pins are here.


PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Beads – Prepare For Truly Hot Colors!

We just love this!  The Terra Intensive Beads in a fabulous necklace!

Designer: Hana Cerna

The PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range has an extensive color base. We now present the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive summer color collection.  This involves surface finishes in 11 shades on chalk ranging from clear yellow through to chocolate brown. You can combine these bright colors to create attractive and highly absorbing patterns.