Pressed Glass beads and Metal Complex Bezels

This necklace features a few of my favorite items at John Bead:  Pressed Glass Peacock Metallics and a handmade bezel from the Metal Complex line.

I can’t walk by the Peacock Metallics without picking them up.  They reflect light and look different every time you see them.  They remind me of a Klimpt painting. They were a perfect addition to the art filled bezel I poured Jewelry Resin into.

I have been waiting to assemble this tray of goodies for some time.  I had some help on the weekend and so much got done!  I will have this on display next week when I teach and demo at the special John Bead event I posted about yesterday.

1.  Ivory Lustered Bead

2.  Glass Peacock Metallic Irregular

3.  Glassy Icy Coin 20mm Gold Metallic4.  LANTERNS 8MM SMOKEY

5.  Glass Peacock Metallic Diamond