New Glue – Quick Grip

I never would have imagined that I could create a jeweled collage on a metal blank with glue.

John Bead is now carrying Quick Grip, a permanent adhesive designed to replace super glues.  I was happy to test it because I have never enjoyed working with super glues.

Quick Grip is indeed QUICK!  I had a rough idea as to where I might place my embellishments.  I applied glue to a Metal Complex blank and quickly placed my objects onto the disk.  The glue was already starting to be dry before I was done.

I had just enough time to pour glass beads onto my collage.  I wanted to see if these tiny beads would stick to any leftover glue on the sample.

This really worked!  The tiny beads were not budging!

I didn’t want the experiment to end, so I made a second collage. The glue says that it will adhere to wood, plastics, rubber, concrete, ceramics, fabrics, glass, leather and more.  I tried most of these with great success! 

Leather was a breeze to glue into place!

I let both my samples cure overnight.  Quick grip dries clear and waterproof, so if I wanted to adhere these to a flower pot I could! This morning I used a stiff brush to see if I could knock anything off the metal blank…I could not.

This glue is now a permanent addition to my studio!



Quick grab, quick dry for easy application in a convenient tube.

Bonds, mends and repairs almost anything—wood, plastics, rubber, concrete, ceramics, fabrics, glass, leather, and more.

Water and weather proof; ideal for outdoor projects.

Permanent, flexible and paintable; dries crystal clear.

Great for general repairs, home décor, and hobby and craft projects.