Creativity on the Catwalk 2014

Dazzle-it and Metal Complex are on the runway today and tomorrow in England.

Catwalk participants include some of the best fabric and yarn manufacturers, pattern companies, and makers of jewellery components, showcasing their products in a new and innovative way – an event not to be missed!

About the fashion show:  “Following the rousing colourful show in 2013, we tone down the mood slightly, as Craft Hobby & Stitch International returns with even more exciting Creative Collections for the catwalk.  Staged by Professional Contemporary dance choreographer and tutor Chris Worrell, with Silk Model Management’s Coral Bell, this is set to be a brilliant show combining catwalk models, dancers and the introduction of male models for the very first time.”

Models are wearing new designs by Fernando Dasilva, our Product Development and Creative Manager.  These pieces have never been seen, so I can’t wait for them to return so we can share them with you.

If you are at the show you can still see a fashion show.  The runway presentations take place at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 on Sunday and Monday, and 11.00 and 13.00 on Tuesday.


Seneca College Fashion Show

It’s always great to support local talent and designers. On Wednesday April 13th, a group of our staff were happy to attend this year’s annual Sececa College Fashion Show !

Seneca’s 2011 Redefining Design was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. The show featured 45 up and coming fashion design students. As well as a cocktail hour before, which gave viewers a chance to see the students garments outside the auditorium.

The other exhibits featured were from the Fashion Visual Merchandising Arts program. Where students showcased a variety of elaborate displays. It also featured makeup artistry of Cosmetic Techniques and Management students, creations by Floral Design students.

“Seneca students come from all over the world and I am pleased to see their diverse talents and inspiration showcased in the end of year show,” said Seneca College President David Agnew. “Redefining Design is a celebration of the success of our students and an opportunity for industry leaders and notable alumni to connect with these up-and-coming designers.”

Check out the images below for some of the latest fashion trends from Seneca’s students;

Donna, Denise, Laura, Rishma and Lilla


Opening design by Amy Liu, the pieces looked liked outer skeleton ribs and bodily organs wrapped like blood vessels. Blue, red, black and white were the featured colors.


_DSC3822 _DSC3816_DSC3809


 Very unique, textures with dangling bubbles and exaggerated balloon shape skirts by Michelle Chen.

Silun Chens designs featured florescent lights immerging from all white garments in the darkened auditorium. Models wore black spotted tights that gave way for the contrasting garments.

_DSC3906  _DSC3933

 Seneca winner was Katie Hodgson for her tubular knits, tight pleats and crafting her own Gaga-esque heel-less platforms.

 _DSC3979  _DSC4004

A group favourite. Textured tiny pleats reminiscent of a tree trunk and tubular knits attached to create this dynamic 3D design.  

_DSC3986    _DSC4009     _DSC3993

Alexandria Layton used lots of fur and feathers in her collection, something that’s been popular this seasons. She created some beautiful wearable looks with a backwoods, igloo feel.

_DSC4028  _DSC4048  _DSC4053  _DSC4063

_DSC4341  _DSC4319  _DSC4335   _DSC4326

Neckline full of gems and sparkle. This Indian inspired collection was full of glitz with crystal embellishments.

More jewels and glamorous layered dresses by Mary Mariades.



Second place winner from the Floral design program. I love how she used metallic lilac aluminum wire for her assemblyand pops of crystal.

International Days at Seneca

Another beautiful design by Seneca Floral design student by Shannin Morgan. 

International Days at Seneca

Displays by the Fashion Merchandising students. Big and Colourful !

International Days at Seneca

Saw lots of use of cut out paper shapes creating flowers , butterflies and birds.


International Days at Seneca


Rishma’s having fun too !

Special thank you to Martha Mintsopoulos for coordinating tickets for John Bead staff.