The Duecarino Necklace

Duecarino – in Italian is two cute!

This is the second in the Fernando Dasilva Atelier for John Bead series.  Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person, we now have a series on this blog giving you a closer look at the finished jewelry.  Fernando has written all the instructions and is sharing them with you. 


4 rosaline/silver foiled 13mm  heart pendant

28 inches of matte silver large/small heart link chain

28 inches of matte gold large/small heart link chain

6 round gold plated 7mm  jump rings

1 bronze hook/eye ribbon toggle clasp

2 inches of gold plated small cable chain


Side Cutter plier and Flat Nose plier


1. Cut matte gold chain in 2 equal parts. Fold in half together and attach 2 jump rings to the ends, close gently and then add a third jump ring onto it. Close carefully.

2. Cut matt silver chain in 2 equal parts, pass it through gold matt chain and attach the ends like on previous step. Both sides will be hooked to each other and this is the structure of your necklace.

3. Cut small cable chain in 2 equal parts. Attach one section to one of the sides of necklace and then attach to half of your clasp. Finish opposite end attaching piece of small chain left to other side of clasp.

4. Use one jump ring to add each of the rosaline pendants to front section of necklace. Place two rosaline hearts on the matte gold side and two other on the silver matte side.



The Azzuro Necklace

Azzuro in Italian means blue or shade of blue.  This wonderful necklace by Fernando really does showcase some of the beautiful shades of blue in the John Bead catalog.

Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person, I am going to start a series on this blog giving you a closer look at the finished jewelry.  Fernando has written all the instructions and is sharing them with you.

Welcome to the series we call:  Fernando DaSilva’s Atelier.

The Azzuro necklace will have you day dreaming about the Mediterranean.  If you can’t travel, at least this necklace can give you a temporary vacation feeling.  The blues are so gorgeous together!

The agate slab is attached with wire.  There are many new slabs in the catalog that already have finished components making them easy to wear.

What Fernando Used

1 blue agate slab (John Bead has many new slabs to choose from)

70 Czech glass leaf pendants

12 Czech blue flower glass beads,

14 African turquoise 8mm smooth roundelle beads

18 Swarovski 6mm emerald AB crystal bicone beads

1 rhodium plated lobster clasp

4 oval jump rings

4 inches of silver plated German style wire

4 silver plated wire guardian (24 000 999)

6 inches white matte chain (74202016)

49 Strands Beadalon .018” bright stringing wire

Pliers  Side Cutter (745 27304) Flat Nose (745 27312) Round Nose (745 24883)  


1. Use flat portion of chain nose pliers and bend both ends of German style wire around it. Insert piece of German style wire through middle hole of agate slab and press it with two fingers around the agate.  

2.  Cut a 18 inches piece of stringing wire. Pass wire through the loop of bail made on step 1. String beads following pattern below:   one crystal bicone + 5 Czech leave pendants + one blue flower spacer + one turquoise disc + one blue flower  spacer . Repeat until you have 20 leaves strung on and finish with one crystal bicone.  

3. Add one crimp tube, loop one wire guardian and then slide a jump ring and then pass wire back through crimp tube. Place it next to bicone bead and crimp it properly and then trim excess wire.   

4. Repeat step 2 symmetrically to finish the other half of outside strand.  

5. Start stringing inside strand of beads through the middle again. Cut another 18 inches of wire for outside strand. String beads following pattern bellow:

6. Czech leave pendants + one crystal bicone + one turquoise disc + one crystal bicone . Repeat this pattern 3 times and then add one more turquoise disc and one  last crystal bicone. Finish ends on same fashion was done on outside strand.   Repeat step 5 symmetrically to finish the other half of the inside strand.

7. Add piece of chain towards to end of necklace. Count two small round circles on for one side of a necklace, and then count one small circle and one oval link for this side of the necklace.  To disassemble chain just uses chain nose pliers.

8. Add lobster clasp with one jump ring on each side of necklace.

* You can wear necklace with nested strands or you can twist both ends and make it shorter.

Summer Bright Kumihimo and Ori Crystal Interchangeable Necklaces for Perles et Cetera



These necklaces are going to make my summer bright!


I designed them for the spring issue of Perles et cetera.


My original idea for a summer necklace was to create something lightweight and bright. I wanted something unusual to pair with all the neon colours being showcased in the fashion world.


Last year while in Paris, I noted the use of neon in so many different displays and product groupings.  I fell in love with the hot pinks and yellows.  I can’t wait to add some neon to my own wardrobe!


To begin my summer jewelry collection I started by creating some kumihimo braids on my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk.  Hot pink looked fabulous.


I also had a spool of bright Dazzle-it rainbow rat tail.  I thought I would see what a kumihimo braid would look like using this multicolour spool.


I combined it with some gold rattail and created a very unique braid.


Now, I was torn between the rainbow colour braid and the hot pink braid so I made a new decision. Why not make several interchangeable necklaces?


Dazzle-it has ten neon Ori crystal colours in its collection.  I chose three two tone colours; pink/white, green/yellow and orange/yellow.


I made each necklace interchangeable by adding two clasps to each side of the necklace. I have the option of wearing it with the kumihimo braid showing or the crystals.  I can also interchange all the braids and crystal strands.


If I am feeling daring, I can wear all the necklaces at once!

9 11 DSC00404

Products Used

Dazzle-it Kumihimo Disk

Gold Kumihimo Findings Kit

Dazzle-it Rattail

Dazzle-it Ori Crystal Neon Beads

Quilled Fish Leather Flower Rings


Yesterday I mentioned that my quilled fish leather rings were featured in the spring issue of Perles et cetera magazine.  Here is the English translation.

My quilled leather flowers are the result of my little pile of fish leather leftovers. Fish leather is an exciting new surface for jewelry designers.  It is a groundbreaking and sustainable material perfect for jewelry design.  It is made from 100% Tilapia fish. When you purchase a piece of fish leather it is about the size of a fish.  Each piece is unique and hand dyed.  It is available in either suede or glossy leather. So, I really did not want to waste a single inch of it.

There are several paper quilling techniques that I used to make my flowers.  I cut leather strips with a scalloped edge.


I cut plain strips of leather.

I also cut some strips with a fringe.

All I did was roll these strips into tight circles.  The fringed edges look wonderful and they reminded me of flowers.


Glue holds the rolled edge in place.8

I them simply added some glue to my bezel ring and set my arrangement in place.


I also glued in a few extra glass beads and wire in some of my samples.  I think the leather looks gorgeous on its own…but it never hurts to add in a little extra glitter.



Second Skin Fish Leather

Metal Complex Bezel Rings

Dazzle-It Leather Scissors

Quick Grip Glue

Signature Cuff with Suede

I have mentioned before that a brass cuff is just a blank canvas to anyone creative.

This cuff was easy to craft.  To start I gathered my main items; cuff, gray ultra suede, Quick Grip glue and some embellishments.

The filigree connectors can be used in many ways.  I added a little glue to their backs to secure them in place.  The SWAROVSKI Crystal Rock circle could be ironed on, but I chose to glue it in place as well.

When my glue was dry I took the extra step to also sew my connectors in place.  I pre-poked holes through the ultra suede to make this easier.

My Dazzle-it needles and silk thread were ideal for my sewing task.

 I then added some Preciosa crystal flat backs for extra glitter.

I then glued my ultra suede cuff to my metal cuff.  The added stitches will ensure my connectors do not pop off on the curved edges.

Later, I wire-wrapped a vintage brooch to my cuff.  Options are endless!

The current issue of Perles et cetera magazine has another cuff Idea I designed featuring feathers and a button.

Fabulous Feathers Cuff in Perles et cetera

I was so happy to see my cuff in the latest issue of Perles et cetera!

This magazine has wonderful how-to photos and instructions and they did a brilliant job photographing my final piece.  Thank you to Debbie Croft for all her guidance!

The cuffs in the Metal Complex catalogue are so much fun to embellish!

Holiday Step by Step Projects Designed by Thanh Tran

The Holiday Step by Step Projects brochure was sent as special PDF to all John Bead Customers this week.  Are you a customer?  If you are, you can dowload the PDF and see how to make these projects created by Thanh Tran for the holiday season.

If you are not a customer, I am sure you will still enjoy seeing the images of the projects designed for this special holiday email.

This is the emailed pdf.

And this is Thanh! Thanh has been with John Bead for over 10 years in customer service.  Originally from Vietnam, Thanh has a knack for seeing different applications for beads and findings.  Her inspiration for her designs is a blend of Vietnamese influence and modern day fashion.  She has had the freedom to create as she pleases and customers always ask her opinion on designs and technical experience.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Being that mother’s day is just around the corner. There’s still time to create something beautiful and personally made for your mom. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, has come up with 3 fun designs featuring the new Designer Edition Hearts designed by Manish Arora. These designs are easy and fun. The step by step instructions make it great for any level of jewellery designer and of course, find everything you need to make these designs at John Bead or one of our recommended retail stores.

Mother’s Day – Vibrant Hearts Necklace

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS

Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)

Devoted 2 U Pendant Article  6261.  36mm

Miss U Heart Pendant Article 6262.  26mm

Truly in Love Heart Pendnat . Article 6264.  18mm

4mm Jumpring -Silver

6mm Jumpring – Silver

Lobster Clasp – Silver

1mm (18g) gauge Silver wire

Silver fine chain


Swinging Hearts – Earrings

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS

Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)

 Truly in Love Heart Pendant Article. 6264  -18mm

Ear wire – Silver

5mm Jumpring – Silver

1.2mm (16gauge) wire -Silver


For more Mother’s day SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS design ideas visit. Create-your-style

JohnBead designers also created some fun Mother’s day gift idea using the Designer Edition Hearts;

“Drops of Love” Necklace


Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)







To customize add whatever color beads and small pendants your mother likes for her own “Drops of Love” necklace.


“Love Charms” Bracelet.


Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)


Other Color Option ;   17mm Miss U Heart


Other Color Option;   14mm BeCharmed Briolette

Sterling Silver  BRACELET SNAKE CHAIN – 7.0″ w/LOBSTER CLASP – “Bead Your Own Bracelet”

Sterling Silver BEAD STOPPER – SLIDE ON 8mm – 2.8mm LARGE HOLE


Tierra Cast- LINK LOCK 25mm


The Miss U Heart is the Perfect Fancy Stone to fit into the “Bead Your Own Bracelet” style bracelets and necklaces as shown in the “Love Charms” bracelet. It’s similar to the Pandora style bracelets and is available in Sterling silver!

Miss U Heart – Article 6262

Happy Mother’s day to all you moms!