Corset Cuff With CHA Designers

These are my first projects working with our new Leather Works product line.

And these are the Leather Works tools and supplies needed to create these samples.

On Sunday June 8th I had the opportunity to teach the members of the CHA Canada Designers Educators and Professional Educators at their annual retreat.  I prepared a tutorial explaining how I made my sample cuffs and then encouraged them to design anything they liked instead.

Each student began with a strip of tooling leather.  They could choose any colour they wanted from the Leather Works acrylic dyes provided for their projects.

I brought our Faux Suede lace collection along with sew-on resin stones and buttons from my own personal stash for embellishment.  I also brought metal beads from a John Bead assortment pack.  Leather needles and embroidery thread was used to attach items to the painted leather.

To say they were very enthusiastic about the possibilities is an understatement!  Every colour dye was painted onto leather.  Longer strips were cut for wrap around bracelets. Stitching was added as a border.  They immediately adapted the cuff idea into something more interesting.  Take a look at their work!

Each workshop participant was also given a copy of Fernando DaSilva’s new book; A Hands On Manual to Leather Crafting.  The workshop and all the class kits were sponsored by Metal Complex and our new Leather Works program.  I will post the complete cuff tutorial later this week!