Flat Leather For Designer Jewelry

These gorgeous bracelets were designed by Fernando DaSilva to highlight all the new colour options in our flat leather collection.

The addition of pearls makes this bracelet very feminine.

The flat leather animal prints are gorgeous.

Fernando combined the animal prints with solid colours.


He used our new Metal Complex oblong punch to create the open areas and also added a grooved line to the inside leather for additional detail work.

Our slider collection makes adding additional embellishment a breeze.

Your options are endless!

New Dazzle-it Ergo Minis!

Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in Side Cutter plier for cutting wire (tiger tail) and nylon coated cable (not memory wire.)

Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in  Flat Nose plier for gripping and securing findings and components.

Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in  Round Nose plier for shaping multi gauge wire into loops.

Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in Bent Nose plier for attaching jump rings to findings and components.

Dazzle-It Ergo Minis 5in Chain Nose plier for gripping,  bending and reaching confined areas.

Dazzle-it Ergo Minis SET


Dazzle-it Pumpkin Wire Place Setting

This is a cute and creative way to decorate your table this Thanksgiving.

You need copper Aluminum Wire.

You also need green Aluminum Wire.

The pumpkin shape was created on the handle of one of the Dazzle-it multi-shape mandrels.

Nancy Donaldson hand-shaped this pumpkin.  She had no instructions…just a good idea that the aluminum wire would twist perfectly for this project.

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful place setting?  You could use names, photos or vintage postcards!

How To Use The Crystal Applicator Tool

This felted collar features a SWAROVSKI SILVER/CRYSTAL snap.

The new Crystal Applicator tool makes setting a snap very easy.

To make a snap you need four pieces. A front snap with a top and bottom and a back snap with a top and bottom.

The snap setter also has four dies: front top and bottom die and back top and bottom die.

The crystals are considered the front of the snap.  Since they are placed in the tool with the crystal face down, the item you wish to apply the snap to must go face down as well.

When you work with the tool you will need to pay attention to tops and bottoms.

Once the front snap is in place you then can change the dies on the tool and set the back.

The dies are easy to change.  a screw holds each in place.

Since we need the snap to work in a collar typesetting for the project the material is set face up this time.

Top and bottom are now set.

I felt these collars myself, so I need the closure to be perfect.

My collar was completed by hand sewing pink luster and silver metallic glass beads and green glass pearls throughout.  If you would like a little more information about felting you can pop by my blog to see how I made the collar.

Crystal applicator, dies and snaps are now in stock!

Crystal Applicator Tool for Swarovski Snaps!

There is a new tool you will need to add to the “want it now” list.

Here it is:  Crystal Applicator Tool for Swarovski Snaps!

I could not wait to experiment with this tool.  The Crystal Applicator tool needs a 4 piece snap die set which is sold separately.  They are designed to be used with Crystallized – SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS snaps.

After reviewing the instructions I took a moment to label the snap attachments so I would easily know which was the set for attaching the front or the back snap.

I also took some time to review the individual snap parts.

A little nervous, I thought it would be good to try adding a snap to a simple piece of cloth.  I did the front and then the back components.

It worked perfectly!

Look at my jeweled snap!

As soon as I completed my test I looked on my table for something else to experiment with.  I had these leather ribbons already on my table.

In minutes I had a bracelet.  Now I felt like I could apply a snap anywhere!

I pulled out some velvet and fiber enhanced ribbon.  Working through layers would be the next challenge.

I sewed my ribbons together to create a finished edges.

And then you guessed it…one fabulous snap completed the project.

Of course, you could add snaps to denim, shirts, pillows, purses…the possibilities are endless.

My new favorite tool!

Oh.  One more thing.  I did make one mistake. 🙁 When you attach a snap you can’t be distracted. So I plan to see if I can twist these clamps back into place, or I will use this crystal front in some other way.