Dazzle-it Pumpkin Wire Place Setting

This is a cute and creative way to decorate your table this Thanksgiving.

You need copper Aluminum Wire.

You also need green Aluminum Wire.

The pumpkin shape was created on the handle of one of the Dazzle-it multi-shape mandrels.

Nancy Donaldson hand-shaped this pumpkin.  She had no instructions…just a good idea that the aluminum wire would twist perfectly for this project.

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful place setting?  You could use names, photos or vintage postcards!

Dazzle-It Wire Pumpkins

Whenever I have an idea for a wire shape I call in my wire twisting friend Nancy.  All I asked for was a “wired pumpkin.”

Using Dazzle-it wire and some of our new tools she quickly made me some great pumpkins!

Isn’t this the perfect symbol for Autumn, and of course Thanksgiving and Halloween!

Here is our pumpkin one upped!  It features Swarovski 8mm fern green/topaz briolettes.

Here is my pumpkin with a stamped and personalized Metal Complex Washer.

Metal Complex Washers for October Projects

This wire twisted pumpkin features a hand stamped Metal Complex Washer.

There are so many metal stamp fonts in the John Bead catalogue.  This is “lowercase playground” and it stamps beautifully.

I used black gilders paste to highlight my words and images.  I added some leaves and heart punches to my washer as well.

The washer is no longer a washer!  The wire is from the Dazzle-It collection of craft wires.  It is easy to twist and my friend Nancy came by to make several samples I’ll be posting later this week.

The two holes I added to make wiring it to the pumpkin easier were made with our new oval hole punching plier.

Metal Stamps – Playground Font

Oval washers linked here.

New Beadalon Products at John Bead

Wire wrapping friends will be delighted to hear that John Bead has several new items in the warehouse.  For this sample I used 24 gauge square wire on a new Dazzle-It Botswana Agate Nugget.

Isn’t this a fabulous plier?  Beadalon has two new wire banding pliers which work beautifully with their square wire.  Each plier works with two sizes of wire.

The two Beadalon Wire Banding Pliers are:
20&21gauge and 22&24 gauge

Square wire makes your wrapping looking very elegant.

The pliers are very easy to use.  I just wanted to bend wire!

The square wire is part of Beadalon’s Designer series.

It is available in three sizes:

Beadalon Stainless Steel Square 20ga 3m (9.8ft)

Beadalon Stainless Steel Square 22ga 6.5m (21.3ft)

Beadalon Stainless Steel Square 24 ga 10m (32.8ft)

There is also a helpful guide your customers might enjoy; Wire Wrapping: How to Use Half Round and Square Wire.

The “One Upped” Metal Complex Bezel

Alright. Isn’t it enough that there are beautiful Metal Complex Bezels ready for you to use?

These hand made bezels have this gorgeous lip detail.  Well for Nancy Donaldson, that is an invitation to add wire.  She even sent me the “how to!”

She drilled holes into the lip.  How you ask?

With the super easy to use Metal Complex Hole Punch.

The she pulled out copper Dazzle-It aluminum wire.

She makes it look easy, doesn’t she?

Now I have the bezel and two of Nancy’s photosMy challenge is to make this pendant even more beautiful!


Aluminum Wire – Say Hello To Kumihimo!

I am showing you a tiny section from a new kumihimo braid and a fabulous wire pendant.

I invited Nancy Donaldson to come to the Innovation Seminar at John Bead last week so that she could show us some of her beautiful wire work samples.

She’s been using the new Dazzle-It Aluminum Wire to make these pendants!

She hand twists her shapes.  Aluminum wire is so light weight! The type of wire Nancy used to work with required a lot of hammering and forging.  Then she injured her arm and didn’t think she’d be twisting wire anymore.  Aluminum wire makes it possible for her to create beautiful jewelery again!

When Nancy teaches students to make their first wire piece she explains that it is easier and much less expensive to work with aluminum.  You can always move up to a more expensive wire once you feel confident with your techniques. She made the copper sample after we both fell in love with this picture.

The bead swivels!  She barely had it on the table when I asked if I could “ahem, borrow it.”

When I got home from the event I immediately pulled out this assortment of rattail.

My husband actually stopped when he saw my kumihimo disk set up to say “that is not a colour grouping you usually see.”

I could not wait to create the necklace to show off the pendant. My favorite kumihimo braid so far!  I think it showcases Nancy’s pendant beautifully!

Dazzle-It Wire Twistingd

Where would I find wire in this colour combination twisted to perfection?

I can make it myself! Who knew there was a simple and inexpensive tool that did this?  I have heard over the years that people use a drill to do the twisting…but I work late at night and I suspect the sound of a drill at 1am might disrupt my hubby’s sleep….

This is the new tool.  All you do is attach the clear plexi circle and you are in the wire twisting business.

This wire twister allows you to twist up to five wires at once.  I choose to twist three.

I attached the end of my wire to my own special tool!  Okay, the chair knob held all the wire in place while I twisted.  The wire twist can be loose or tight.  It is up to you!

I wrapped some of my twisted wire around my new mandrels.  I love how they easily retain new shapes.

The aluminum wire is from the new Dazzle-It collection too.   I hope you get to see this product grouping soon!