The Bead Style Seed Bead Cover Necklace by Fernando DaSilva

We are so proud to showcase the dramatic multistrand seed bead necklace created by our Product Development and Creative Manager Fernando DaSilva for the cover and featured article in the March 2014 Bead Style magazine.  Bead Style quoted Fernando as saying “I was inspired to create this necklace by the women of the Ipanema neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro.  Seed beads are very popular in Brazilian culture, where women wear bright necklaces in tropical colours.  I added the colour-blocking style to give this necklace extra pizzazz.”

Here are all the seed beads (7) and the fire polished pink beads that Fernando used for his necklace.  (Only one seed bead picture is missing.)

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light Pink  Rainbow Transparent

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light  Orange Matte Dyed

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light Blue AB Opaque

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Ivory Opaque Pearl

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light Pink Solgel

Czech Seed Bead 11/0 Pink Silver Lined Dyed


Also, Fernando used  Czech Seedbead 11/0 Pink Metallic Solgel – no picture available.

Fire Polished 8mm Pink Opal Beads

These are the fire polished pink opal beads featured throughout.


Bead Style has a wonderful set of instructions from Fernando explaining how to make your own version of the necklace using difference colour palettes.

One necklace also prominently features an Instant Glam by Fernando bezel.

Congratulations Fernando!

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