The Latest from John Bead – Introducing Tropical Punch!

We at John Bead are stepping into the New Year by inviting you to take an imaginary trip to a faraway land that has been in the American spotlight for almost two decades. We are excited to introduce our new program inspired by the colors and flavors of Brazil under our house brand Dazzle-it! – Make it shine.

 Inspired by the colors and rhythms of Brazil, John Bead & Dazzle-it™ invite you to turn your life into an endless Summer.

Transform your DIY section into the most colorful and fun creative space on earth.   Talk to one of our sales associates and add Tropical Punch to your design creations and blame it on Rio!

The Tropical Punch Package Design

Tropicalismo is the artistic inspiration behind our product line.

It was an art movement that exploded in Brazil in the late 60’s and early 70’s and crossed many artistic disciplines, like music, poetry, dance and writing.  It critiqued and challenged cultural norms. The followers of the movement were intellectuals from different cultural backgrounds but who had in common the ideal of a cultural melting pot,  i.e. the musicians who like to mix samba drums with electric guitar and were huge fans of American pop culture.

Influenced by this art movement, our creative manager, Fernando DaSilva (who is Brazilian) hand drew the artwork for our package which summarizes all the elements that were the main sources for movement.

 There are over 100 products in the complete Tropical Punch Collection.

We are launching our Tropical Punch collection this Saturday in California at the Craft and Hobby Show.  

The ordinary becomes extraordinary with this exciting new program.

Editorial photo taken to promote the latest product line by John Bead & Dazzle-it!
It’s all about Lucite, Plexiglas or acrylic components to create fun and vibrant Jewelry inspired by the colors of Brazil.
Designs by Fernando DaSilva
Photo by John Bead Corp.
All rights reserved. 2015

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