Upcycled Button Pendants With KLIK

With so many Miyuki beads to choose from it is easy to colour match virtually any project.

These necklaces begin with vintage linens.  So many old linens have hand embroidery that is exceptional.  Saving the hand sewn portions of a piece of damaged antique linen is a passion.  Many of these items end up in the landfill because they are stained or torn.

I use button covers to repurpose parts of the linens I find.

Once my buttons are made, I select beads that will highlight the hand embroidery.

I did say colours were limitless!

I simply beaded around the edge of my button to create a frame.  They turned out so pretty.

My next step was to gather some Klik supplies.

I glued a KLIK snap base to each of my beaded buttons.

The snap bases allow you to klik the button onto the pendant base with ease.

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