What Else Can You Do With Kumihimo Braid?

I have started to use my kumihimo braids for different types of projects.  This is my first kumihimo brooch.

This braid was already a finished necklace.  It was longer than I liked, so I was about to shorten it when I decided to try something different instead.

I cut away the endcaps after I tied off the ends.  Then I dipped these ends in a little Quik Grip glue.

I then sewed the braid into a circle and whip stitched a little bit of felt across the back to finish it.  It is the sweetest brooch now!

I use my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk at least once a week.  It is amazing that such a simple and inexpensive tool can be used to create so many different braids.

The center bead is from our semi-precious strand.

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