When a Washer Becomes Wearable

This post will have you wondering why you didn’t notice the new collection of Metal Blanks and Stamp Washers at John Bead.  Okay, maybe I didn’t notice them.

I brought Nancy Donaldson to tour the John Bead warehouse and she happily left with this collection of Dazzle-It Aluminum wire and an assortment of washers.

She also picked up her new favorite tool:  a metal hole punch.

She was so surprised at how easy it was to make a hole in metal with this little tool.  She put her dremel away for now!

Adding holes to the washers turns them into a new type of bead.

Wire wrapping makes them even better!

I hope you enjoy this eye candy!

The best part for me is that these necklaces are beautiful but inexpensive to create!

Washers!!!  Who knew?

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