Wire Frames – How Do You Finish Each Open Prong?

How Do You Finish Each Open Prong?

Once you have selected the beads you want to add to your wire frame prongs,  you will need to determine how you will stop the beads from falling off.

The traditional way, as shown on the packaging, is to leave 1/2 inch of wire free and with round nose pliers, form a closed loop to stop the beads from sliding off.  This option is permanent.  The stainless steel wire is a hard wire and once it is formed into a loop it is almost impossible to straighten it out again. 

This option is very secure and has the added bonus of providing yet another design feature because you can attach additional beads or charms to the loops.

The loops also make the wire frames easy to display because you thread ribbon, an ornament loop or wire through a loop so you can them hang them on a tree or nail or display case.

A second option is to use a jewelry making finding to stop the beads from sliding.  This component is called an “earring clutch bullet” earring back.    It is the finding you use to keep your pierced earrings in place on your ears.


There are also plastic ear nuts...but they are not as secure.  Both of these findings allow you to add beads and then remove them anytime you feel like a fresh color or new design.

The bullet earring back has metal and you could use a permanent glue to ensure it does not slide off a prong.  This is a more permanent option for fragile beads.

The metal clutch bullets also add a little sparkle to the prong, but you will not have a loop to add a charm.

Some of the frames already have a closed loop to make it an instant ornament.  In order to add beads to the top of the cross or to the body of the stick figure, we had to leave these prongs open.  You will need to create a loop so they can be hung with ribbons or wire.  The other prongs you could close with the earring findings.

The sun sample shows you a single loop made on one prong wire and then ear nuts were used on the other seven.