Wire Frames – Tips on Adding Wire

Tips on Adding Wire



If you are already an experienced wire worker, you will know how to add wire to a frame and by crisscrossing an open space, fill it with strung beads.

The circle in the sun frame is a perfect open space to fill.  You could also cut felt and sew it so it appears suspended in the circle, or evenly attached.

You can also use wire, to wrap extra beads around a edge of a frame like Lena Gillespie did with the cloud.  This adds so much interest to the plain wire.

Another suggestion we would make is to use wire to string new “lines” or extra prongs to a design.  This is easily illustrated with the Christmas tree that Lena choose to change, making it look fuller, a more 3d tree.

There really are many ideas and experiments you can make with wire or thread.  Here are a few more.

Even the cross can be wire wrapped to create additional areas of interest.