Wrappers, Wire, Crystals and Clay

I have to admit. Once you start working with the new Wrappers at John Bead you get a little distracted. Yesterday was all about the wrappers!

This marquee wrapper shape is so interesting!  I knew that I finally had something great to use my coral/marble beads with.

I kept looking through my stash to see which of my beads would look great in these wrapper frames.

Once my wrappers were done….I decided I might as well make up the bracelet to showcase them.  This seems very Egyptian to me.

Inspiration was only a blog link away. Look at the wrappers used on Fernando Dasilva’s bracelet.  (I want to try the horseshoe shaped wrappers next!) Fernando always does something different than expected.

Then I spotted this necklace on Fernando’s site!  I recognized the shapes but didn’t know where he got those crystal encrusted beads.  Then I read his post.  He pressed clay into the wrappers!  Brilliant!!!

So, even though I had many many other projects to work on, I just had to pull out my Apoxie Sculpt clay to see what I could come up with.

Working on a non stick surface, I pushed some white clay into place.  (I have posted about Apoxie Sculpt many times.  You can check those posts for more information.)

I gathered some PRECIOSA M.C.CHATON diamond back crystals, a cameo from my collection and a few Rose peach SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  butterflies.

  Love my new pendants!

The wrappers are now solid. I could still add a little wire to them.

But I think I will leave them as is.  They are very unique and special already.

Next week:  wire mesh!!

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