December 5, 2023

John Bead “How To Bling Anything Guide” PDF linked here.

Create with Crystal with Kellie DeFries, the Crystal Ninja.

In this class, she will show you the 101 of How-to-Bling on a super cute Home Décor item. Using these items found on and the gorgeous Flatback Glass Rhinestones from John Bead/Bead Landing, most any item can be easily blinged out!

Bling a little sparkle to any area of your home for happiness and yes, you can Bling anything!

Friday September 22 – 3pm EST

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We have created an easy to read applications manual with some much needed tips and techniques.  Take a moment to download and read the information.  This PDF also contains a list of all the flat backs we will be using in our classes.

Meet Kellie DeFries, the Crystal Ninja!

A renowned crystal rhinestone master with over 18 years of experience in the bling industry. Her unique creativity and exceptional craftsmanship have made her a go-to designer for clients all over the globe. From fashion icons to music superstars, Kellie’s rhinestone designs have adorned the biggest names in the industry.

Kellie’s passion for rhinestones started as a hobby when she discovered the power of adding sparkle to any item or accessory, especially cars. She honed her craft over the years, perfecting her techniques and exploring new ways to incorporate rhinestones into her designs. Her unparalleled skill has made her a master in the art of rhinestone design. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, Kellie has earned the trust and loyalty of her clients. Her dedication to excellence has resulted in countless satisfied customers who come back to her for all their bling needs.

Kellie’s expertise extends beyond rhinestone design. She also offers consulting services to help clients elevate their brand through the use of rhinestones. Her insights into the latest trends and techniques make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to add a touch of glamour to their brand.

In addition to her work in the bling industry, Kellie is also a mentor and educator. She regularly hosts classes, workshops and training sessions to share her knowledge and inspire the next generation of rhinestone masters. Kellie’s passion for rhinestones is matched only by her dedication to her clients. Her commitment to quality and creativity has made her a sought-after designer and a true master of the art of bling.

Fun Fact, Kellie was a certified, first class journeyman welder and worked with 8 women on a 400 man team for TRANSOCEAN, building the DISCOVERER ENTERPRISE SHIP at Ingalls Shipyard, Pascagoula, MS. Ceramic tape welding was her favorite process and she kicked booty with mirror welding passing ALL x-ray, radiographic and ultrasonic tests during her career.